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    ok so this is my third time having this problem.its a N def that i just cant seem to fix.wants they turn they never come in week 4 of flowering.about 2 weeks ago they started turning yellow and dying out.there is 2 big plants in the picture and they used to be BIG and healthy.heres what im using:

    organic soil
    canna terra flores 19ml per gal
    canna cannazym 9 ml per gal
    every other feed i use canna rhizotonic
    ph 6
    ph runoff was like 6 1/2
    1000 watt hps
    temp 72-79f
    12 12 lighting(no leaking light)

    they were as healthy as can be untill they were a couple weeks in flowering.when i started flowering i would mix the canna florres and cannazym all in one gallon,instead of making each there own individual gallon.could that be a problem?they would drink so much i was feeding them every 3 days then one day they just stayed wet they quit soaking up any food.i usually would wait to water them until there dry when i put my finger in the you think if they were still wet on the bottom that i could of been water logging them,causing root rot??at one point my ph meter was reading wrong thats were i think the lockout came from but why havent they bounced back??

    i have already flushed them twice,and fed them once at 1/4 tsp per gal terra flores,but theres no signs of hope.once again i will mention the embarresing factor that this is my 3rd time failing due to this N def.i might just start giving them water for now unit i see improvment.i do half hydroponics and am turning over fully but i stilll will do soil grows.any advice is much appreciated.

    the 1st pic the top of the plant on the right is broke(long story)its just leaning over growing sideways

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  2. if i had all tht i wuld mos def jus harvest it...but i neva grew in my life soo
    idk wish i culd help ya bud
  3. i wish you could help too
  4. i think ur containers are to small there bud. ur plants are quite big for such small containers. ur roots are prolly stressed.
  5. Don't worry's OK. Just keep doing what you've always done. You're stressing over a possible 5% increase in bud... Big leaves die in flower. Bigger pots would be better though...
  6. you know i was thinking about transplanting to bigger pots i just flushed again i will wait a day or 2 transplant then start it back up at 1/2 strength nutes.please leave any knowledge if you have any thanks
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    I'm not seeing a problem with the way your plants look. At 4 weeks into flower, they look perfectly normal. There is going to be a gradual increase in yellowing leaves as the end of the plant's life nears. It sounds to me like your problem is over-watering, not a nitrogen def. You are using good quality nutes, so I doubt there is any kind of substantial deficiency. Try waiting another day between waterings and see if it helps. Oh, and using bigger pots would help out in the long run too. You are more likely to have issues with water and nute deficiency/nute burn in a smaller pot.
  8. Don't do it now...we're talking about next grow. You're almost growing hydroponically when the plant is that big in that small a pot. Besides, you'll start the final flushing soon... And then you'll REALLY think there's something wrong. It will really start looking like shit.

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