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Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. My personal choice would be to get a good strain that I know will knock me out if I toke just a little bit, something like Afgani, and make a natural decarb GD out of it to keep the terpenes. You know me, I'm into the natural profiles. I might consider adding some terpinolene/myrcene.

    Help is on the horizon. There are now CBN products out now and there will be CBN isolate available to the general public soon. There's already wholesalers. :)
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  2. Of course. That will make it 10g per ounce. In my opinion that's too strong. You need to get control if you want to continue to use cannabis for medical uses. By "control" I mean that you should find the dosage that works for your needs otherwise you're going to run your tolerance up to the point it will no longer be sustainable. That's called "titration". You start at a higher dosage that definitely treats your symptoms then each day after that, do a drop or two less until it's no longer effective. Raise it to the lowest effective dose and that's your titration point.

    For that 20g I would use 4-5oz of alcohol for the reconstitution. You don't want to knock your tolerance out of the park right away but that is up to you.

    Is this still the 151? You don't need to do the full evaporation with 190. :mellow:
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  3. here is my latest batch. is this supposed to seperate like that? all the dark specks are oil.

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  4. That's sediment left over from your filtering. You can filter it or leave it like that. :)
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  5. The CBN Isolate look to be very expensive so far

    Can we make them?
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  6. When the plant develops THCA, it usually will be converted to THC as a result of heat or UV light. That being said, THCA can be converted to CBNA over time as well. Prolonged exposure to air causes the THCA to lose hydrogen molecules and oxidize; now we have CBNA. Just like the rest of the acidic cannabinoids, CBNA will convert to cannabinol (CBN) when exposed to heat or UV light.

    Looks like it will happen over time as the weed gets old .
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  7. Not without a lot of equipment and material. It's probably going to be about the same cost as CBD isolate. :confused_2:
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  8. We've already determined that from the lab tests of older material. You can't make the isolate in your kitchen. We've spent pages and pages on CBN. This is nothing new except that isolate will soon be available. There are CBN products already on the market. :)
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  9. what r benefits and effect of cbn
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  10. Hey Sam how are you doing? I was wondering, I have an immersion sous vide machine and can set it to any temp up to 210 I think. What temp could or should I run this at for the reduction process? I'm guessing 170? And when reducing is it better to do it as fast as possible or do it nice and slow? Thanks
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  11. I agree. Maybe if they havent touched the weed in 10 years, maybe then. I do feel like they have a similar action though. In that it wipes the recall and the person will deny being intoxicated to the bitter end.

    it's getting pretty squanchy in here!
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  12. 170°-180°F should do it well enough but you may need to increase it depending on your alcohol volume. It doesn't really matter too much how fast you do it. I've done it fast and slowly. Very little of the terpenes survived the decarb so it's not like you need to be gentle. It can depend on how good of a ventilation system you have. 173°F is the vapor point of ethanol but it will start bubbling long before that. I like a nice low rolling boil for my personal tinctures that aren't naturally decarbed. :)
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  13. I've actually used a 5mg dosage of CBN a few times as has my friend. Tested by a lab. There's no intoxication to it at all and the head is clear, too clear, the next morning. It's nothing like the benzo it's compared with, a complete 180° in my opinion. I've gotten loaded on 10mg of diazepam and the CBN is much different. The actual effects of the CBN has been hit or miss. More research needed. :)
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  14. [​IMG]
    Adding several freeze-heat cycles tends to degrade more THC to lesser compounds and changes the brain scrambler oil to a better sleep aid.
    I like the damn scramble so I limit my processing to a single cycle to infuse and as long as I stay upright I can fly through the days with very little mobility limitations.
    Slow down or lay back a few minutes and I'm out like a light most nights.

    On tolerance. Hash-coconut oil reaches a saturation point and I'm blistered all the time. It's not a question of can I get high again today it's how fucked up do I want to be. I really haven't had a fully sober day in years now.
    If I take 6 of the full strength caps sitting next to me I will be tripping hard most of the day still after all this time on the stuff.
    For the first few months it was an ever increasing dose but at about the 60 day point I had to start slacking off my daily doses as it was accumulating in my system faster then I was burning it off. Now I've been stable at this level for several years. Functional but not stupid stoned.
    I hope that makes more sense to ya'll then it does to me on read back. :)
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  15. all ive gotten is sleepy with oil. i like the tincture, but my last two batches were screwed up for some reason and it no longer gives the boost. now i get tired when i take tincture. lol
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  16. Is that the same Diesel or did you use another strain like you were going to? It sounds a lot to me like you're driving up your tolerance. I suggest that you take a break for a couple of days then start using it for your medical needs instead of psychoactivity. You can't keep using it in large doses. It's like narcotics because those CB1 receptors need higher and higher stimulation.

    Take it from someone who has had to adapt in the same way, cannabis ingestion will change the way you think about marijuana. Of course, it can be good as a recreational experience but not full time otherwise it won't meet your medical needs. I have decided I need the medical benefits more than the recreational pleasure. I still need to get stoned for my head's sake but I toke for that. It's really something that each of us has to balance for ourselves.

    You're still learning and boy howdy, is there a lot to learn. Take your time to learn the nuances. You'll benefit and so will your patients. :)
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  17. BOY

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  18. i am always very carful when it comes to medication, as i am in this situation. i made a mistake with the cookies, but not bad. with the tincture, ive been taking 1/4tsp in my coffee, 3 times a day, i smoke a couple hours before bed (like 3 or 4 hits off bowl). i was useing a vape w/ distillate on and off but havnt since i made the tincture. i enjoy a buzz sometimes but the reason i like the gd is cause i dont get stoned. i have a huge decrease in pain and energy instead of sleep. it lasts 4 to 6 hours. im happy and it doesnt seem that this is to much. please correct me if im wrong because concentrates are new to me.
  19. No, you're doing okay. I'm explaining why the effects are different now and how to control your dosing going forward. At 1/4 tsp per dose you're taking a high dose whether it's 7g/oz or 10 and it's 3 times a day...and you've just started. For that reason titration is necessary to get your dosage down.

    I gave you a high ratio because I gathered that's what you needed to catch your attention, what I call the "Aha!" moment. Now, though, it's time to start tuning up your "treatment" and finding a good dose that meets your needs under everyday circumstances. My titration point was 8 drops. I could use 8 drops of my standard ratio GD and still feel it working. I'm not saying to use that dose all the time but it gives you a reasonable range in which to work. As often as possible I used 8 drops and it kept my tolerance down.

    Another thing that will help keep things fresh is to use different forms instead of just GD and the oil. Once you get some 190 ethanol then you can make other types of infused products and switch off carriers to get your effects, maybe honey or a simple syrup or a spray. If you intend to use cannabis into the foreseeable future then you'll need to work that out as do we all. :mellow:
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