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Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, Sep 4, 2012.

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  2. Psam: They were all down to try a taste:) and daaaamn! That white chocolate looks delicious Dave the bud: you can always do a couple heat and freeze cycles of the coconut oil to degrade the thc(if dont like the thc part) into the perfect sleeping edible/cap. At least thats what i do for my night time caps.
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  3. Maybe. :sneaky:
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  4. The info is just amazing around here. I guess I would never have made a good hippie back in the day. I had the hair, bell bottom plaid pants, but could not find one of those girls with the free love thing. I guess that was the reason for joining the I will give that a try with some of the Northern lights and mix it with a little Critical Cure. When you take your edible/cap at night does it wake you up when it kicks in or just gives you a good solid sleep.
  5. No, it won't kick you awake. The heat/freeze cycles break down the THC into CBN and diminishes the psychoactivity. The more cycles, the more sedative. For more detail on that method you should check out the BKS CannaPharm thread. I was going to give you the specific link but it seems that her table of content links are broken in the last format change but here's the thread: BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

    I'm referring you there because it's not my cup of tea and there's already another detailed quality thread devoted to that topic. Also, it is a fountain of cannabis knowledge that will give you insight into cannabis edibles that's required reading for anyone wishing to be more than a novice. I've done so and also contribute from time to time. For that type of oil, she's your best bet, for most other stuff we do pretty well. :)
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    Dark Star Genesis Project
    Sample Base - 4th & Final Month

    Dark Star 4 month compilation.jpg

    Select to Expand
    This is the final phase of the Dark Star Genesis project and gets us to 4 months of unheated, natural decarboxylation. It could maybe go another month but any gain in THC is going to be negligible but I'm ready to use it. In fact I've already used it to make some triple infused cookies and have been using it as tincture since month 3.

    It now only has 3mg of THCA per milliliter which is a good number in my opinion. The purpose of this project was to watch how the cannabinoids progressed over that time. We got an additional 7% conversion from the previous month. Another month may give us another 3-4% and then the month after that 2-3% or fully converted. We're at 87% now.

    I mentioned in a previous post that this was a "beautiful" profile. It has 8 out of 10 cannabinoids with only CBDV & 8-THC and those are rare anyway. Even the small amount of THCA has it's own medical benefits. The others are present in definite therapeutic values. We have seen the CBDA decrease significantly over the course of the project and the creation of CBD and increased CBG but with no increase in CBN over the entire course. Look at value column on the left that is outlined in red if you want to see a near perfect GD profile or so I'm told.

    If you look at the results from the heated decarb study you will see a difference in the retention of the compounds when compared to this study. A major difference is the retention of many of the cannabinoids in this one whereas the heated samples had values too low to detect with a lot of the loss going to CBN. and

    There's a 3 month test of another fresh natural project coming up in a couple of weeks that will give us something to compare this one to. :)
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  7. Thanks for all the great info guys....I will start to go through the edibles threads
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  8. Hello. I just started into this thread because I have had severe asthma type issues over last 8 years. I had been smoking daily,moderate to extreme at times from 16 to 24 when this all started. Now I'm 35 and have been to multiple specialists, am on multiple meds, and I can't do it to my lungs anymore! I feel like I'm gonna die at times. Never knew how much I took breathing for granted until I couldn't breathe. For that reason i'd like to convert to edibles and tinctures. I've made brownies outta dry sift before but I tripped real hard off em so haven't done em again. Maybe I'll just have to get used to it ...anyhow I've gotten through 12 pages so far but it's gonna take me a week to get though 400+ pages but I'm gonna put my nose to the book. My question for now is that I have a bunch of fresh frozen trim from last few days. Is there any advances since '12 when this started about using fresh frozen or will I have to water cure, or take out an thaw to produce good GD? I have some 6 month cured old stash I'm gonna start with tonight, just wondered if there's anything I can do with this frozen. I'm done blasting tane! Even though I winterize and purge for days, my lungs can't handle it anymore. I'd like to be able to just maybe smoke a bowl or two a day and GD it the rest of the time. A sincere thanks from my lungs for any help, or a direction anyone could point me!
  9. My wife saw your white chocolate now I need to make some
    Can I just reduce green dragon and infuse it into one of the ingredients
  10. Welcome, nwags. Take your time reading this thing. There's a lot of good conversation but for the technical stuff, you can just ask and we can point you in the right direction easier than trying to read it all.

    I know several people who use GD for asthma and it seems to work well, better than inhaling for sure. Give edibles a try again, like getting back on the horse that threw you but the GD should help you get acclimated. In order to make a Green Dragon you will need to thaw and dry your material before decarb. You don't need to water cure.

    There have been advances since 2012 with using fresh, frozen material for concentrates but I haven't come across anything pertaining to GD yet. Bubble hash and that "clear" technology are what I've heard of but there's probably more.

    If you have any questions as you move forward, do be shy about asking about something. I try to answer fairly quickly. :)
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  11. If you want to make the white chocolate from scratch like I did then the only ingredient you could do a transfer with is the cocoa butter. Concentrate your GD first so you won't have as much alcohol to evaporate. If you want to use white chocolate chips instead you can concentrate your GD and then transfer to a little coconut oil, like Dragon oil. You want to use the least amount of oil possible to prevent the chocolate from being too soft and melty but still have good effects.

    If you want some more help with this, Stiggy, drop me a line. :poke:
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  12. Thanks man! I'm gonna run this old nug first to get going tomorrow. Think I'm gonna go the sublingual route with some flavored GD. With all the different recipes I've read on here so far today, it really gives you opportunities to keep it fresh. If I can get back to being able to just smoke occasionally I'll be a happy man. BHO has had my flower tolerance through the damn roof. Can't even enjoy the fruits of my labors anymore. I also crushed my pelvis and broke 3 vertebrae in an accident 10 years ago so I've been looking into the CBD route or anything I can do to keep me from having to get on some type of prescription pain meds. I've been sedentary since I quit my job three years ago to be an at home dad, and it's starting to haunt me. I'm getting to the point where I can't sleep at night and I feel like I'm back at the time of the accident. The doctors suggested surgery but I don't really have the time or the money for that right now and I'll be damned if I get hooked on big Pharma. This thread right here could completely turn my life around. Here's to hoping for the best
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  13. Ok, so a couple questions. I grabbed a six pack of quart jars, and a fifth of 190. How much Everclear do you recommend for an oz of bud? Also when you pre freeze the bottle and material seperatly in freezer, could I get away with 12 hour pre freeze or it really take that long to get bottle and material down to temp?
  14. For an ounce of bud I use 12oz of alcohol on the first run and 10 on the second. The freezing of the bud should be 24 hours to make sure the trichomes are brittle. Shake your jar of material occasionally while in the freezer and when you have a layer of kief on the all over the side of the jar, you can start if you want. The colder the alcohol the less chlorophyll and it takes about 24 hours to get that much alcohol to drop low enough for optimal inhibition.

    You may be able to get away with less time but if your results vary, don't blame me. :unsure:
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  15. So if i use 22 oz of alcohol how many oz should I expect after straining? (Only to assure myself I've squished it properly?) I think I have the rest of it down. Just have to get some vials. Pretty sure I'm gonna be dosing outta a a shot glass for a minute till some vials get here, cause I'm not waiting lol. Thanks for your replies!!
  16. We're glad you're still around, Tenka.

    You cannot use that or any isopropyl alcohol. It's not good for your health. Sorry. :sad:
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  17. You'll lose about 2oz with the first run due to the absorption of the dry material. For the second run the material is already saturated so it doesn't absorb more and it doesn't take as much to cover the already wet cannabis. You'll recover about 10oz on the first one and all of the second. If you got a good squeezer you might even recover a little more from that 1st run absorption. During the course of filtering you'll lose a little more but not a lot and whatever spillage you have. You'll probably start your reduction with 18-19 ounces.

    Because you've been a dabber, reduce your solution until you have 7oz. That gives you a ratio of 4g/oz. Start there and if you need more kick, reduce it another ounce at a time until you're satisfied. :)
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  18. At
    a seven oz reduction what would you recommend as a base dose to start? 1ml?
  19. Seven ounces is your goal. You'll evaporate off the rest, about 12oz.

    I'd say 1/2ml to start. Of course, your material will factor into that, too. You'll get about 75% cannabinoid yield, very similar to bho but without the butane. :)
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