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Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Yeah I've been doing alot of investing on CBD and it's synergistic effect with THC among other non related stuff.

    Based on the results you displayed it may take another month or so for a complete full conversion of all compounds, but for the most part I can probably start taking it after 90 days in where it's about 75% done until it is fully converted about 120 - 150 days in which case I can store in fridge to keep it from degrading at that point.
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  2. Hi, Suzie. That does look delicious, doesn't it? Unfortunately, mine is not quite so pretty but it certainly is tasty and hopefully my infused batch will be as well. I've nearly finished off the "virgin" batch I've made and hope to make the "special" fudge in a couple of weeks. That picture Stiggy posted will give me something to strive for

    I like to make edibles that are slightly different than most and infused vanilla fudge has been on my mind a lot since I got some food grade cocoa butter a while ago. There's not a lot of uses for it that a simple guy like me can do in his small kitchen and that's one of them but I couldn't figure how to infuse the cocoa butter without cooking out it's benefits. Now that I've discovered how to use concentrates, I can figure out a lot of other things, too. :)
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  3. Yeah, it's ready for use now and I've been using it to good effect. There will be another test in a couple of weeks for more clarity. :)
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  4. Speaking of CBD here is a great site where you can purchase concentrated CBD at a great value if purchased in bulk. I saved even more money by requesting them not to fill them in individual 1.0 ml (200 mg of CBD) cartridges and just had them put 25 ml (5000 mg of CBD) in a bottle that way I don't have to pay for each cartridge and the labor for the time it would take to do so.

    CBD Prime

    200mg CBD Vape Cartridge 1.0ml – CBD Prime
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  5. PSam, since your BHO decarb went so well, would you recommend the hot oil bath for decarbing, or just placing in the oven until bubbles stop? I usually decarb mine just like bud- 240F for 40 minutes because of lack of better information, until you came along. What is your ultimate answer for decarbing BHO? Your hot oil bath took about two hours for the bubbles to stop?
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  6. Hi there Suzzie
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  7. Hey there STIGGY

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  8. I'm not sure I have an "ultimate" answer yet. I've only done it once personally. The oil bath worked pretty well and didn't take too long, about a half hour once it melted. I used honeycomb and it took a while for it to melt but after that it went quickly. It was only a half gram, though. The more you have, the longer it will take. I'm going to try 2g for the vanilla fudge and I'll have a better idea at that time.

    I would use a toaster oven if I had a choice instead of the hot oil but my oven on the stove is too low and too big to see how the process is progressing. The hot oil is easy for me to see how the bubbles are doing and due to my limitations, was the best course for that experiment. And SkunkPharm used hot oil in the guide I used.

    I've never been a hash oil user, except for RSO, and am coming to the conversation late. I may be an "expert" on GD type potions and uses but I'm still an infant when it comes to using the concentrates. :confused_2:
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  9. Thanks, What I always Love about you Sam
    Is your Honesty .....................
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  10. #9350 PsychedelicSam, Mar 23, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2016
    Blue Jewel Natural Decarb Project
    Dry Material - 2 years
    Jewel1a.jpg Jewel2a.jpg Jewel 3a.jpg

    Select an image to expand

    Many of you may remember the beginning of this project. "Blue Jewel" is an accidental strain that was pretty special. I initially grew it and gave some clones to a friend who proceeded to do an excellent job of growing them. They were harvested in March of 2014 and the first test was done shortly after that. The primary test showed a THC conversion of 10.6%

    A year later I had another test done, thinking that it should be mostly decarbed by then. Boy, was I mistaken about that. After one year it only had a conversion of 22.3%.

    Now, another year later, I've had it tested again with not a lot of hope to see it advance significantly. This year the conversion is 39.5%.

    By looking at these results and extrapolating out, I would think that next year we would have nearly 80% but I don't have any more of the Jewel to test. I do have another strain that I'm tracking and I'll try to hang on to a little of it. 80% would be usable without decarb but you would have a lot of CBN. The CBN in the last test had more than doubled from the first one with a marked decrease in the other cannabinoids.

    This material was kept the whole time in a sealed, humidity controlled jar at room temperature. When I look at the numbers for this one and the numbers for the other strain which was left high and dry, they seem to be comparable. We'll see how that plays out. :)
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  11. Wow All the more reason to make sure we decarb any older weed that has been in storage
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  12. Yeah, it looks to be that way, at least for the first 3 years. :)
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  13. B
    But Now We Know
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  14. Sam what is you feelings on decarbing in a turkey bag to limit smell and terpene loss
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  15. Hello,

    Everclear or a 190+ alcohol is not available in my state. Can I use isopropyl 99.9 ups I stead, or 151 or what would be best second option for me avail at a liquor store? And can I use your 151 to coconut oil transfer method to transfer to glycerine?

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  16. Blaze.. 151 ever clear is as strong as I can get in California and it works just fine for making tinctures with..
    Any clear low-no taste high proof grain alcohol will work as a solvent.. Even something as low as 100 proof vodka should be adequate.. Ask the clerk.. If you can buy 151 rum then the ever clear 151 shouldn't be hard to find as well.. Often used for making cordials with.. Your consuming this so do NOT use denatured, rubbing, or ISO if your going to use the liquid alcohol in any way shape or form inside your body..

    1 gram of decarbed 160 micron dry ice hash to 1 ounce of alcohol.. 2 ounce dropper bottle.. Shake well before adding a few droppers worth to your beverage..
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  17. Thanks! Traces of alcohol in tincs gives me bad headaches, therefore I'd like to try the transfer method into coconut oil, or I'd prefer glycerin. Only use the 151 as the extraction carrier.

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  18. It's said to be effective but I can't say from personal experience. I'm pretty sure that it will take longer than the heated decarb of 240°F for 40 minutes. I wouldn't say for sure without seeing some tests and anecdotal references are purely subjective. I don't think it does any good for retaining the terpenes since they vape off at a certain temperature. But what do I know? :confused_2:
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  19. Do I need to wait till buds are dried and cured before I do this? I got a fresh chopped plant, I can work with right now.

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    I was noticing in another thread you had stated you were extremely sensitive to alcohol so I didn't speak up but now that you ask....

    As BNW stated above, don't use iso unless it's for qwiso and you have a good means to purge it. Kief/hash is the best for use with 151 and that makes it easy all the way around and you control the potency. BNW suggests a gram per ounce of alcohol but I think at least 2 if you plan to transfer it to another medium due to absorption differences.

    You can do the same thing using flowers or trim but it's another step. Because of the extra 20% water in the 151, it will only evaporate about 30% before the cannabis oil separates from the water. This is enough for a lot of people to use as a tincture. It can be used for a solvent transfer at this point but it will dilute your transferring potency because of the extra water. To avoid this and give you be best product, you would continue evaporating the 151 after it starts layering until all that's left is your cannabis oil. At that point you would just reconstitute it with enough fresh alcohol to meet your needed potency. Or you can just add the oil to whatever you want to infuse, like wax or shatter, and warm until melted.

    I don't recommend a solvent transfer to glycerin. I did have some guides and references for the process but I have removed them because it didn't meet my standards and lab tests proved how inefficient it is. Glycerin for tinctures should be slowly extracted over a course of time for the best results. Infusing glycerin for vaping is a whole different animal, usually a suspension, and I don't have a clue about how to do that. :)
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