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Another Tincture Thread - Try it, You'll like it

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Lol yeah man... it's sad to see that even just a 50mg delta 8 brownie got me this fucked up.... I mean it was scary I'm not gonna lie... and it still is I been having panic attacks almost every night... but I know all yall believe in one another have eachothers backs and I believe I can get through it...
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  2. That looks good
    I'm still trying to settle on a good custard recipe
    Will do another peach sorbet with canned peaches in water
    For the ice cream I may do a butter pecan
    No more coconut ice cream, ate way too much of that

    Then move to beverages and finally get the gelatin pearls rough video
    The fruit powders will work great for these and add a lot of flavor
    I want to put these into club soda and see if you can break them and flavor the soda

    I get somewhere between a soft serve and full set on cuisinart ice cream maker

    Careful samp!ing, that's how my posting got ridiculous
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  3. That's a mountain of information I enjoyed learning about the function of the liver and converting cannabanoids. Thanks for sharing this! :smiley-rolling-joint:
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  4. Would you say a delta 8 brownie... considerably the one I had caused a liver high
  5. Exactly the same. Both Delta 8 and Delta 9 are converted by your Liver to the metabolite 11-Hydroxy-THC.
    It's the 11-Hydroxy that kicked your ass. You would have been just as wrecked on 50mg of a Delta 9 based edible.
    It is why edibles are so powerful and why you need so little to get way to high.

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  6. Welp.... hopefully time and patience will fix me soon.... ... side effects are definitely not somthing I want happening at school or work
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  7. Is there a difference in the 190 proof being ice cold or mixing the weed and booze together and then letting it sit in the freezer for 24 hrs ?
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  8. Our liver is responsible for this alteration, and specifically, the drug-metabolizing enzyme known as CYP2C9 or fully named Cytochrome P2C9. Even when you smoke, your liver still sees some delta-8 or delta-9 and turns it into 11-hydroxy-THC, but you get way more 11-OH when you eat cannabis.

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  9. Yes.
    The fast wash with both Cannabis and Alcohol frozen separately, combined, shaken and promptly strained will give the cleanest Tincture.

    The longer it soaks the more Chlorophyll is picked up and it becomes increasingly more bitter the longer the plant material is allowed to soak. The Trichome heads are stripped open and the THC dissolved into the Alcohol on contact. Really just takes 5-10 seconds of shaking before I strain.

    You'll find adherents on both sides of the fence with some liking the long soak for added medicinal benefits.

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  10. I've used a few chunks of dry ice in the jar as I shake the 2 together when available and got some really clean stuff
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  11. Here is some info on the pearls or caviar
    IMG_20211017_214844.jpg IMG_20211017_214901.jpg IMG_20211017_214907.jpg IMG_20211017_214917.jpg

    I was thinking of doing the smaller spheres
    The flavored syrup should hold up to the process with the powdered flavoring
    I used reduced fruit juice before but it lacked flavor
    May also try a panna cotta
    These will be in one or two serving batches

    Then onto foams and more CBD centric edibles with the dispo cannabis


    Want to get what is in this cartridge into an edible
    I experienced real pain relief
    I have an appointment to meet with the contact person at this dispensary and want to start to do edibles with some medical application
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  12. I’ve always let sit for 24 hrs - mostly cause I don’t have room in the freezer for everything and time wise.

    is there a better filter out there other then the paper coffee filter?
  13. I'm a bit scared to go too sleep... knowing I'd probably get a panic attack.... what do I do
  14. Take that Advil PM if it will help or some melatonin. The point is to not think about it. Relax and play a game before to get your mind off it. Don't be afraid. The more you think about it the longer it will take. When you get up in the morning start planning some activity even if you feel crappy. You'll be okay. :sneaky:
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  15. Buchner funnel filters and a vacuum flask
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  16. If the delta 8 was still in my system... could that be harmful for me
  17. If I took the advil and still encountering side effects with delta 8... could that be a harmful combination.
  18. Brass can advil really help me if I'm still feeling effects from the delta 8.... I can't swift off to sleep without knowing because I'll freak out later on in my sleep.
  19. Brass please reply... I'm scared to sleep..... will my delta 8 effects be bad when I take advil with it
  20. No, that is not a harmful combination. Those are deemed safe and won't interact with cannabis. It's safe. It's not the end and it will wear off if you don't keep picking at it. Believe me, kid, this is nothing compared to all the things that will happen to you over the course of a long life and if you don't learn to deal with them when you're young then it gets a lot harder. My best wishes to you. I've already told you that CBD will get you out of those effects. I've mentioned what will help. Other than that, it's mind over matter. :confused_2:

    Troll, anyone?
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