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Another Tincture Thread - Try it, You'll like it

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Welcome to the City.
    I'm sure Sam will be along for a personal welcome soon enough..

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  2. Greetings, MyrtleGrounds, and welcome to our discussion. Lurkers are always welcome but we're glad that you came on board.

    We do go back to the "old days" somewhat but boy howdy, have things evolved. A lot of those things from then have become obsolete for many but there's still plenty of good information and guides for someone without access to commercial products. And, of course, I prefer flower personally. I like reading through those old pages even if they are out of date. There's a lot of good information in those pages.

    Join in whenever you get in the mood. The more the merrier.

    I'm definitely getting old. I had this just sitting here on my computer for the last few hours. Forgot to hit the button. Just_Cuz_06.gif
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  3. setting up for the compote today
    probably 3 short videos
    still working out a crumble or cake recipe
    sick kitty is taking up time and workspace

    just some random stoner thoughts
    most of the lab stuff on the tube is for time saving and commercial use
    practical for folks doing caregiving
    but there is some good stuff you can pick out these videos for home bodies
    its so commercial and I understand why people reject the lab processes and chemicals
    may have someone from MIT to help with my setup and TLC in a couple of months
    edit: realize how contradictory the above two statements are

    hope you are feeling better

    rosin press in the shopping cart
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  4. So, do you have plans for a vacuum chamber or oven? :huh:
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  5. doubt it but it depends on where this takes me
    the need for purging may require it but some of those ovens go for $1500 or more
    you can rig a chamber with a glass jar, lid, and pressure guage for cheap which is where i would go

    posted the video because it seemed interesting

    there is another diy video for color remediation that was off the wall

    if this stuff does not belong here lmk and i can delete it
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  6. Whoops I have been a lurker too , I am Tall Cotton
    As a kid I loved the cotton fields that I walked with my Mother
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  7. Nothing wrong with lurking. I've been known to do it myself. I expected that you had some experience with cotton. Not a lot of people are familiar with the term "Tall Cotton". It was more prevalent in earlier days. I picked it up by watching old movies on tv when I was a kid. A lot of cotton picking going on in those movies, usually in the South. It's a positive inference so a good choice all around. Even Count Basie likes it. vil-poste.gif

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  8. #25289 Tokintb12, Aug 8, 2021
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2021

    part 1
    better than the original
    bit chaotic, lots going on, able to limit the outside noise
    think im recording the video wrong
    still working out the kinks
    edit the rest of the video into this post and just leave it
    probably just 2 parts

    Update pic. Extraction reduction
    IMG_20210808_185603.jpg IMG_20210808_161604.jpg

    Extraction reduction on the left
    Lab assistant on the right

    Video uploading

    this is a rough video
    i will do more formal videos when i get a little better at recording them
    will have the write ups soon
    just a note or two
    when talking about the 210S (mix of xanthan and acacia gums) I mispoke about the percentages
    I believe the statement was suppose to be point five .5 percent to two 2 percent by weight
    i may have said 5% when I meant point five ,5 percent

    Edit: Just a quick clarification
    This is a stripped down version of an apple compote
    A more formal version can be done by preparing the apples in a skillet with butter, vanilla and spices
    Let it cool then add the infused syrup and mix

    Edit2: The total weight of the compote was 780 grams
    Available milligrams were 1200 guesstimate (12 grams of flower)
    Roughly 1.5 mg per gram of compote
    So 20 grams of compote would give you roughly a 30 mg dose
    It was about a tablespoon when poured into the measuring spoons
    Because there are solids and liquid it is important to make even portions as best you can

    Edit 3:
    IMG_20210812_183106.jpg IMG_20210812_183131.jpg IMG_20210812_183255.jpg IMG_20210812_183749.jpg IMG_20210812_183820.jpg

    Here is the apple compote after a night in the freezer
    1 cube is roughly 22-25 grams at 1.5 mg of thc per gram of compote GUESSTIMATE
    1 cube is equal to 1 tablespoon ( got lucky the ice cube compartments were big enough)
    Defrosted a cube in a plastic container inside a pot with hot tap water
    Apples held up nicely so this can be made and stored for later use

    Feeling better and have my attitude turned up to obnoxious
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  9. Good morning! Waked and baked as I suppose to be. While brushing my teeth I was thinking about the taste of the tincture...I was thinking about it for days, but I wanted to wait until the evening before I take my dose...but I failed. After drinking my thee, I took the last drops of thee with a full dropper of my tincture and I still taste it. The taste is really addictive. Anyway... I am damn wasted now and actually I must be productive at my work. I just keep staying in the office cause I have bloody red eyes... I didn't expected that it will hit me that hard.
    PS: I got a couple of bottles grain alcohol more from the local shop and I am going to turn about 50gr of weed into nice tincture. This will be a huge stash I can go on for months, maybe year!

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  10. @Tokintb12 Is 210s a thickening agent say like what a starch would do?
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  11. Exactly what it is
    But it does a lot more than a plain starch
    The 210 is a mix of xanthan and acacia gums (think Sam said it was 90% xanthan , 10%acacia)
    There are a multitude of these agents you can use
    They are sometimes called emulsifiers
    Modernist Pantry
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  12. Thanks. great video you did a nice job.
    Are you a chef?
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  13. No, not a chef
    Farthest thing from it
    18 months ago I was gulping infused coconut oil from a magical butter machine and trying not to vomit
    Found GC, BKS, Sam, and Brassnwood and never looked back
    During the infused syrup research I discovered molecular gastronomy and tried all kinds of things
    Down the road I'll cover infused gelatin pearls with different flavors
    That video will be difficult as it is slightly technical and my hands and arms cannot be in the way

    The way I wave my hands around in the videos is comical, just nervousness but holy shit it looks like I'm launching an F-18 from a carrier deck
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  14. Those are really good. You've come a long way in that 18 months and I think you could have a good career ahead of you with the modern gastronomy. That was exactly what I wanted to see. It was actually pretty simple if someone is a cook of any measure. That and the chocolate syrup will open a lot of eyes. This is instant infusion for more than just drinks. It can be made easier by using distillate or other concentrates like shatter/wax with known potency and no chlorophyll to have to cover.

    In a few weeks I'll try to do the syrup using a commercial simple syrup like Torano's or a standard grocery syrup. Split it in half with the 210 in one and the solvent transfer in the other and mix it up. A bit more gum may be needed if it's really thin but it should work.

    Don't forget us when you get famous. :ey:
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  15. famous in my own mind

    commercial is interesting
    best results for the infusion process will require warming the syrups
    it will loosen them up and make mixing easier
    hot tap water in a pan

    store bought flavored syrups should pose minimal problems
    i do want to research the synergy between the gums and commercial additives
    Hersheys milk chocolate cocoa powder gave me a problem but I never went back to explore
    if it didnt work i discarded it
    on the other hand dutched cocoa powder works great with everything so far
    think i read it may be the alkalinity (rabbit hole)

    MD signed off on my new cannabis waiver
    just mail it in with the typical kickback
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  16. Hi love the recipes on the thread, (im new to tinctures) trying my first GD batch. I could use some advice, I think Ive botched my first attempt. I could only source 40% vodka for my first attempt, I decarbed about 2 ounces of herb flowers and covered them with the vodka a week ago. My intention is to do a long room temperature extraction over 8 weeks, Ive been agitating the mixture daily. Im worried Ive wasted my time and resources by not having a higher proof alcohol. What should I do? Im guessing the vodka wont extract the goodies very well, but at least I could reduce it down on low heat in a water bath to get something useful at the end? Worse case scenario maybe I could save the plant material for another go?
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  17. Thin Layer Chromatography
    At Home Testing

    I finally finished the testing for the saturation project and 2/3 of it was fairly straightforward but the one for the tincture isn't quite right. It needs a formula to convert the mg/g (%) to mg/ml. I had it once but can't seem to find it again. It includes density but I'll be darned if I can dislodge it from my stored memory. I seem to have lost the key.

    The ones for the plant material, trim & flower, were pretty simple. You just need to use the correct measures and that should include a scale that goes three decimal points, 0.000. Mine only weighs .01 so my accuracy's going to be off a little.

    Trim: 9%
    Flower: 13%
    Tincture: 13%, mg/g, Something wrong here. I'll take it to the lab for an accurate reading then use that to zero in the TLC result.

    I calculated the tincture the old fashioned way to get an idea of where it should be after our usual extraction. I used 42g of trim @ 90mg/g, 9%, = 3780mg. Then we'll subtract the usual 25% loss and that gives us 2835mg contained in the 4oz of tincture. That's 120ml and divide that into 2835 for 23.625mg/ml which sounds about right for that amount of trim. That's about 700mg/oz.

    There was one section of the video that I seem to have skimmed over and that's decarbing the samples on the plate. I heated the oven to 302°F/150°C then placed the plate in the oven for 5 minutes. That follows Dr Wu's decarb coincidentally for a rapid decarb. That was it but it is important for this potency testing.

    Again, I think this is a good tool for home growers. Besides plant material it tests most edibles like cookies, brownies, candy the other usual suspects. I've used it for those. Not syrups, though. They won't dissolve in the solvent and just remain a blob but that's okay. dragon.gif
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  18. Greetings, evildave333, and welcome to our conversation.

    I'm sorry to hear that you did that but it's been done so let's see how to get the most out of it. That stuff is 60% water, not leaving you a lot of alcohol for extraction. I bet that 2oz really filled that bottle. Did you have to pour some out to make room or did it fit? If you had to pour some out then you've reduced your alcohol volume even more.

    You would need about a gallon, at least, of that vodka to get a good extraction then would need to reduce it down to oil for any concentration. You could use as is as a drink, using a shot at a time. Reducing it is going to take a while because of the water but it will get there.

    I have a doctor's video appointment in a few minutes but I'll come back and finish the thought. For now, though, I would strain it and put it in the freezer until you get higher proof. Even after a week that low proof probably isn't going to extract it all before it gets saturated. Letting it sit longer isn't going to improve it much. :sneaky:
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  19. Thanks for your reply, im thinking of throwing it away tbh. Im guessing even if I reduce down the mixture it will be useless. I cant abide alcohol so drinking it is out of the question, perhaps the left over material could be retained for another try. Im quite sanguine about the herbs as more is imminent so its no great loss.
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