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Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I have made an infused lotion that I am very happy with. I took about .5 oz. of a regular bottled lotion and added 1ml of standard tincture and 1ml of my ABV tincture and mixed it thouroghly in a shot glass. I used some right away, to good affect. It's quite numbing. I'm not sure if I should have waited for the alcohol to evaporate, but I left it uncovered and stirred it a couple times a day. I haven't noticed any difference in the affect in the few days since I made it.
    After a shower I lathered up my aching feet and hands and sat down to watch a little TV, 20 minutes later I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open. I was already stoned, but I swear there was an additional buzz from the lotion. More specifically from the ABV tincture, it makes me very sleepy.

    I will be making more.
  2. There won't be any issue with the alcohol evaporating in a a commercial. Most of them have several alcohols in them to begin with and there are enough oils that the thc would have something to bond with anyway. I've really developed a liking to the one I have used like that. It soothes right away although I have found that the coconut oil salve penetrates deeper, maybe because the beeswax keeps on the skin longer. 
    When I first started using a cannabis topical, I felt a difference, too. Every now and then I still do , but not so much anymore. More if I'm already buzzed.  :) 
  3. Good to know.
    It is very relaxing. The maximum affect seems to come after a shower. I suppose your pores are opened up and ready to absorb.
    I use the lotion right after a shower, too. And after shaving. Makes my skin feel good.  :)
  5. My coconut oil is with both abv and regular along with Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil. I wish i could notice a buzz from it, but i too apply right after the shower.

    I've been meaning to tell you guys, its great deodorant as well. Since its anti bacterial, you get no smell. You can mix it with starch or a powder for anti perspirant. The tea tree oil is a key for this to work though
  6. Can always use a good deodorant and a thc laced one would be good.and you could put it in a roll up cylinder, too, I'm going to remember that one for a future project. Thanks, Nate.  :)
  7. Try it on tired sore feet
    It works wonders
    Probably a little deodorizer on my tired sore feet would be a good idea.  :D 
  9. I bought myself a 1.75ml bottle of 190 proof the other day. I have about 2oz of abv to dispose of so im going to make some sleepy time tincture soon. My aunt who suffers from migraines has some sleep issues so I'm going to give her some of the tincture to help her. She's the only other believer in the herb in my family sadly
  10. You could make some oil capsules out of it, too, Nate, to give her a couple of ways to dose and it would make the taste manageable. At least you have an enlightened soul in your family other than you. It's always good to have someone around that thinks like you do and with whom you can share your experiences without alienating them.  :) 
  11. I was gonna do either the caps or infuse some honey for her.

    I mixed a cookie with a half dropper full the other night when i went out with friends, and had a blast! It was the perfect uplifting stoned when mixed with a little rum. Can't wait to make more
  12. Wow, I got lost because of the redesign, just posting to regain my place. Love all the Tincture help, enjoying mine and getting ready to make some more. White Rhino and Bacardi 151.
  13. I bet White Rhino makes one hell of a tincture!
    It would be even better if you could get some 190 proof alcohol.
    Well, we're glad you found us again. I'm also glad that you're getting a good 151 tincture and that you enjoy it.  :)
    Oh, it does, JoJo, it sure does.  :smoke:
  15. I have a question.
    First background on the subject.
    I am running out of AVB tincture.  Since I found this recipe I hardly vape and it may take me several months to get enough to make a batch of avb.
    I know that BKS has a place on her thread about decarb effecting the experience, more time, more sleep etc.
    What I would like to know is....How do I take like 10 grams of Indica and make a "sleep" tincture?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
    There are a couple of things you can do. The easiest and most dependable is to find a strain that's mainly CBD dominant, like a Harlequin,, and use that with the standard decarb time. Do they allow you to have more than a single strain in your monthly allowance?  Or you can use a longer decarb time, but you may have to play with that a bit. Also, a higher decarb temperature will do that. It's mainly CBN that's responsible for sleep and that's made from degrading your THC. 
    If you have the chance, see if you can try a strain called Trainwreck. It's technically a Sativa but it is the heaviest pot I've smoked. It knocks me out within minutes. See if it will do the same to you, and that is it's reputation, and then if so, make a tincture from it. Otherwise if you want to try it by decarb, use 45-50 minutes at 220F. It takes longer for the CBDA to turn into CBD than for the same process for the THC and that amount of time will allow for that CBD activation as well as creation of CBN from the longer time. I would suggest making a small amount first to test that decarb time for the properties you want and you may want to adjust it longer or shorter.  :)
  17. #2337 Biltwellnigga, Jun 14, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 14, 2013
    I once had train wreck x green crack. I kid you not, after a bowl of that and I was done. It was making me nod in and out of consciousnesses and eventually passing the fvck out. It was so potent it felt like nodding off of dope. I'm pretty sure it was the train wreck characteristics because green crack is just a energetic clear headed high. The whole quarter of the stuff was like this. I had to smoke so little of it to not make me sleepy. A sativa dominant strain that helps you sleep. Awesome.
  18. Sam I was just doing some research
    And found that it is said if one adds Emu oil  to the mix , the emu oil opens the pores to accept the lotion better
    Has anyone ever heard of this?
    Im going to try it
  19. Sam I take it in order to degrade the plant matter it needs more than the standard 20mins decarbing?
    I never heard of baking it for 40-50 mins, I need it to help me sleep as well as pain relief
    Feel better Brother.
    For me, Trainwreck really characterizes the effects it has, hitting a train at high speed. It makes a really good cross, though. I know a grower who crosses his strains with Trainwreck and gets some great results and a lot of modern seed strains have it for genetics, too.  :)

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