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another thread about the war

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. well... alas, the enevitable has happened. we're at war once again. i remember the last war only vaguely seeing as how i was only 6 years old at the time. i remember being afraid every time a plane flew over because they mighta been sent by the enemy to drop bombs. i guess this is how my friend must feel in the kuwait desert. we met back in december of 01, and left for bootcamp together in jan of 02. i got sent home, and he stayed... now he's a marine, and stuck in kuwait. he has a wife that he loves dearly (whom he married just this past summer), and is only a year older than me. it's a really humbling thought to think had i stayed in, that i'd be there as well... i hate all this... i really do.
  2. I hate it too....I'm very scared.
  3. ahh hempress, no reason to be scared now, only fret for the future.
  4. just so ya know critter, if anyone elses feelings on the war has impacted me at all, its yours, i guess its just cuz you seem to be so sincere and heartfelt when you talk about say so little but say so much...

    just so you know your views are greatly appreciated.
  5. i just noticed your sig too
    if im thankful for anything, im glad i at least get to see history in the making...allbeit ugly, i still get to see it

    in school, when the wtc towers collapsed, the one and only class on the campus that the teacher wouldnt let us watch, i was i missed that historic thing pissed us all off...and the principal was mad too...mostly cus he wanted us all to see everything and learn as much as possible from it.
  6. I'd rant some more about this but I've done enough of that for now, if you wanna see how I feel hop on over to the 'it's war day' thread.

    ps mods, maybe you should think about merging some of these threads, there's five or six now by my count.
  7. If that was my teacher i woulda told her to fuck off with her censorship and walk out. When the youth quietly accept the trannical structure of public education it causes a view of the completion or otherwise exit of the education system of a release from a sort of captivity and conditioning of the mind. The freedom from k-12 years of oppression of the mind, alignment of thought with the system's programs, and the general numbing and dumbing and conditioned restraint to free thought serve a purpose of preparing the youth to fslsely believe that once education is completed, they are realesaed as adults into an ameriKa of freedom. In reality after 12 years of governemnt programming, not to mention what kind of mind control/mood altering drugs are inserted into our youth's school lunches through federal programs, we enter sociery with a view that we are finally free, free of the oppression of hanving to spend most of the critically important time of our youths being fed bullshit bu government agents, in essence. Are we free after school ends? no, we're just less or not at all aware that our government has used oppression during our youth to program us all to quietly accept the fact that real freedoms are denied to us as "eye candy" freedoms are granted to keep us unaware, and if aware, only mildly annoyed. they give us just enough rope to hang ourselves if we try to change things and raise questions and issues of freedom in a place they call "the land of the free"

  8. I have three friends over there right now, all with the National Guard in a transportation unit conveying ammunition to the front and wounded to the rear. They are the main reason I did not want to see this war break out.

  9. That really sucks...I just happened to be watching the news at the time, before the second plane hit and they thought it was an accident...I saw the second plane hit was disturbing.
  10. yes, no need to fear life, even with a war going on.

    yes you can fear life, but what will it do for you? nothing.

    live life, because you never know when it will end.

    i'd rather die in happiness than fear.
  11. some teachers... scrap that... loads of teachers and employers here in the UK were trying to stop people from walking out to protest agaisnt the war.... that kind of censorship should be ilegal... infact, i thought it was!

    FUCKING RIGHT ON TOOSICKS! you should get up and speak out at peace marches, cannabis marches etc.

    wow cottons... i didn't know u were younger than me! i thought u were like a 30 something! hehe. I've got some pals in the teritorials, i don't think they've gone to kuwait.

    i really don't like thinking about the soldiers. it hurts too much because there's no avoiding the fact that there's going to be loss of life.. either them or the enemy. all life is valuable. far to valuable for a lifeform of anytype to kill its own... it hurts me in way i cannot describe.
  12. War is a horrible thing. I hope that it is over soon, and few people are harmed. It scares me that we have to live with this.

    For everyone that has a loved one that is involved, my thoughts are with you.

  13. i brought up this same point with my mom (who's all for the war) this morning... i told her it doesn't matter if it's our troops or theirs, a life is a life... and we have no right to take that away from someone

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