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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dr_krapp, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. i was sat thinking, and i thought how people say 'there must be a god because otherwise people could go round killing and doing whatever they want'
    But really isn't it possible that because we as a race are generally(used lightly ingnoring powercrazed leaders) civerlized and we do have morals, i mean if you upset someone its on your minds for age's, you WISH you couldn't have done it. But we might not have goten to where we are today without a belief in god, as it kept people in order much better than say the police. So does this mean that somebody could've came up with the idea of religion AS a form of order?
    Plus as we slowly become a more godless society we are seeinng a much worse world. arn't we?
  2. I'm thinking crime was controlled by fears of the gallows. God just kept people from having fun, like fucking other peoples wifes etc.
  3. good point because since they've taken away capital punishment the worlds started going downhill
  4. the very fact that you can ask these questions seems to me that you already know and accept them.

    remember tho... "police" have only been around for a little over a hundred years.

    before them, it was religion and military who kept order. the two often intertwined. ... still are. or else we wouldnt have all this jihad shit going around.

    i think this thread went downhill after the initial post. ;p hehe
  5. ah digit, don't blame yourself lol
  6. lol.


    ok... i blame moonlighthigh.
    she hath absorbed aprx 57% of my brain functions.
  7. Well, if "god" was responsible for us being civilized and having a soical order, how come the natural order doesn't colla pse. Can animals beleive in anything, no less, god? If they can't what keeps them from just wiggin out and killin each other (well they do, but animals kill for food, not for ideals) and they have ordered and structured societys from the largest known life forms to the most insignificant seeming, society as a function of nature is essentail for survival and is an automatic function. Reagrdless of whether we believed in god or didn't ever become conscious of existence and stil screamed and grunted and flung poo, there still would be social order. just like a single ant cannot survive without the colony, a single human could not survive without the group or tribe for the most part. The question is though, did we become human becasue we evolved physically to a tribal life or is the concept a byproduct of an animal that evolved conscoius intelligence and then needed to adapt to triabl living?

    The whole subject i believe comes down to that level. Was god an ideologiacal evolution that was destined by genetics just as much as we were destined to walk upright, lose back hair and turn into what we are physically? In this case it could be a stepping stone to higher consciousness, until our brains are evolved enough to understand the reality of what god represents. Remeber, before we knew anything about our solar system, god lived inside that big glowing thing in the sky, we know that's not true, but once you would have been brutally murdered if you said otherwise. Stepping stone, we used our minds, found a truth, and incorporated it into new knowledge and progressed as a species. Just because the process takes many generations (the old "believers" die off, again, darwinism) that average human will not see it and it will be able to make that mental evolution.

    You've all read other threads i've posted and responded to in this forum, if you read all the threads in here, and ya know what i think about the subject of god. I beleive god is an antiquated idea and once we overcome that logic it will be replaced by another. Maybe by next millenium if humans and earth still exist history will look back at the Jihad just as we look back on those who torturously killed anyone who proposed such blasphemous ideas like science and astronomy back in tha 'day. I mean now we look back it's like what fukin idiots, they killed scientists because they propsed a new idea, which actually turned out to be truth, but they din't know then, 20/20 hindsight's always a helluva lot clearer.

    Point is, we're evolving, physically, mentally, and what would be called spiritually (or conceptually) and concept of god was just one stage of our growth into what we will someday become if we don't extinct ourselves with genocide in the name of god.

  8. no... i think god fucked things up... if no one in the world beleived in god.. it would be so much simpler.. too much to explain but for an example... if there was no division of different religions.. there would be less crime and fighting about whos right..... and the twin towers..... the peeps did it cus they though "god" wanted them to... cus that motha fuker brainwashed em..... thered be no damn churches and shit... i dunno god fucks things up so i dont know wut im talkin bout cus im high, but it makes sense to me:)

  10. By seeking godliness i don't think we become gods. Also, just as you ask if those before beleif were merely a stepladder to greatnessl, let me ask:

    Have we achieved greatness through that stepping stone? i doubt it. Are WE another stepping stone? most likely. Will we ever achieve greatness? Probably not, we will just continue to evolve in all aspects, physically mentally, and spirtually if we don't become extinct due to mass genocide.

  11. Speaking as normally as I can, (for once).. bear with me, concentration on ideoligical subjects is not easy for me.

    Ahem, (clearing throat)....

    Wouldn't the eventual product of evolution (in all the physical and mental aspects) for the human race ultimately result in a moment of infinte advancement, where all that there is to learn and experience has been encompassed within the human experience. Wouldn't this 'Infinite' moment, by sheer definition, last for an infinity. By developing this far, would it be reasonable to consider that humanity at that time would pass from being purely developmental and result in a base from which all knowledge and thought is developed and emitted. AKA: God.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't believe in God, nor do I feel myself heading in that direction any time soon. I was brought up on that kind of dark age mumbo jumbo. Fuck that, I prefer freedom of thought, internally and externally as opposed to the restraining doctrines of orgnised religion. I don't wish to put anyone's noses out of joint, but religion, in it's many guises and forms can only be described as one thing. Simply put, it is a crutch for those individuals who by design or circumstance are not strong enough to stand up for themselves and account for their own actions and beliefs.

    However, I'm getting off track here. The point I originally tried to make is that for each and every action, there is a defining opposite reaction and in the ultimate case of humanity's evolution, the logical result would be freedom from the constraints of what we deem reality as. When we are no longer bound to this governing reality, individual human thought will most probably form the basis of new realities, (considering that we are as a species are at an advanced level of thought and decision) so will GOD be the final word in our evolution as humans.

    Anyways, having said that, the probability of humanity living through what can only be described as 'Human Self Destruction' is debatable. As Arnie said so elequently in T2, 'It is your nature to destroy each other'.

    And here endeth my tirade.

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