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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by IGotTheCottons, May 11, 2002.

  1. ok, so this one kinda sucks for me. today i woke up and was baking out the van with my friend anthony (just like every other day)... so we're smoking from my bong, and no sooner than when we're finished guess who pulls in the drive way... my mom, lol. needless to say she wasn't very happy about it. she took the keys to the van, locked it up, and smashed my bong. oh well, "i can explain everything" lol... i hope it works though. i'll find a way of explaining it all off (my parents are kinda gullible (sp?) like that.

    hope yall find this story as entertaining as i do, lol...

  2. DUDE! you dont even sound mad that your mom broke your bong Id be pissed.
  3. under normal circumstances i woulda been. the exception being that i had already broken my bong (the day after i bought it)... so it was ghetto-rigged to begin with... that and i plan on getting a new one in july at the shore :)
  4. bro that blows
    i been worried...petridied actully about my parents finding out...
    i have no idea how i would even start explaining all that shit
    i guess its diffrent for everyone....but damn man, how will u even start explaining....
    hope u can help me out with some pointers....just in case the shit hits the fan on my side of the world

  5. well, it's not the first time i've been caught so it was more like a "not again" type deal, lol... but stuff that usually takes the heat off a little (the first time) would be like "i just wanted to see what it was like... won't try it again" crap like that. also if you get caught it helps to lay off for a while just incase you're folks don't trust that you were "just experimenting." this way you don't gotta be all paranoid about whether or not they know you're still smoking. then once things quiet down a bit you can start up again... just be more careful :)
  7. yeah my mom knows i smoke i found out. I never knew that she suspected anything, but im getting a cottage in york beach for a week this summer and she mentioned 'not leaving joints around'. haha, I was like what? She goes 'oh please, don't deny it.' So I just said 'I'm not denying anything'. And that was the end of it, now when I come home wicked baked she just gets me food! Who woulda known she would be so cool with it?

    I guess since I'm 18 she can't really preach to me anymore.
  8. lol. that's pretty cool. i wish my parent's were cool w/me smoking. every time i get caught they threaten to throw me out, lol... it hasn't happened yet though.. maybe i'm just lucky... or gotta be more careful... oh well
  9. I'm in a weird position myself. My Mom knows that my brother smokes and takes all kinds of pills and E, but she doesn't know that I smoke. She's always asking me if he is doing drugs and I'm like, 'no he only smokes weed'. And she is cool with that, but I think that she would die if she knew that I smoke more than him! I wish that she would just smoke with us one time and she would know what its like. And it would be such a relief, we are really close, with the exception of that one thing.

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