Another Spice Gold in U.S. Question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JohanSmith, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I just ordered from a U.S. seller off the internet. I read one post on GC that said "the guy's a snake" -- seemed like an off-beat post. In the same thread, I read someone saying that they too just ordered from the site I ordered from.

    We'll see how it goes... Does anyone know of a reliable seller for U.S. folks?

    Lemme know, thx.

    I'll let folks know if my order arrives.
  2. did u end up getting it?
  3. How about buying the real thing instead...:D
  4. ^Because people get arrested/need jobs and can't....

    I had to buy spice for awhile (6months) after I was arrested to stay clean. It DOES work, it's very nice to have on a T-Break (don't get me wrong, the real thing is better of course, but its still nice for what it is).

    I always ordered from Ebay. I would find sites every now and then but Ebay and foriegn countries Ebay worked the best.
  5. i got arrested for driving drunk and they put me in a court ordered rehab so i cant smoke for 2 months

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