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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Aug 9, 2003.


Complete the following sentence. "This theory is....

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  1. is space bent/curved?

    what if its because the maths doesnt add up to a perfect 100%?

    what if each part didnt constitute 33%, but more each. would this cause the bulging in space we see?

    (this isnt how i see things, and i have my own ideas as to the nature of the curvature of space, but i thought it would be a good little brain teaser for some of you who like to think, to contemplate.)

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  2. wow! where do u cum up with this stuff! thats actually a very good * uh... wuts the word? hypothesis?*.... that really got me thinking! although i have noting to add... very good thread! u r so smart! * dont even denie it either ;) *
  3. its not smart. its just a comical little mind bender. it gets ya thinking... what if our perception of maths has been wrong. but it is cool how it could explain a few things about the cosmos. its far from any groovy "hypothesis" ;)

    just a lil ditty i thought up.
  4. of corse it is curved way anything in this esistance is going to be totaly streaght!

  5. so true, so true... so very fuckin true.
  6. You can't have more than 100% of the total universe even if it is bulged. At first I was about to agree with you because it almost seems crazy enough to be right, but you can't say it's right because our perception of math is wrong. Using percentages is a way to split something up from a whole, no matter how much or little we actually understand about that whole.

    And space is definitely curved/bulgy/bunched up. At least, the way I understand many things means it has to be.

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