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  1. just wondering a good soil mix to use. my seeds are abou ready to be planted. im thinking on using potting soil with blood meal and bone meal mixed. they are all miracle gro brand. think this is ok. any ideas? all the help is appreciated
  2. Fox farm ocean forest is good stuff mix with 1/4 perlite...what ever you decide to buy make sure there is no time released ferts in it. Pro mix makes some decent cheap products that can pretty much be found anywhere.
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    Careful with bone meal, it can raise your pH (and the more common pH problem is that it is too high and needs to be lowered, so you don't want to be raising it even more).

    Here's a simple recipe that has never failed me:

    4 parts organic potting soil (any brand, just as long as it doesn't have nutes in it)
    3 parts sphagnum moss
    2 parts worm castings
    1 part perlite
    1 part clean sand

    FF is good stuff, but you pay a lot for it. The above recipe can be had for about a quarter of the price of FF.

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