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Another Sober weekend

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stevieponiczz, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. Well because i've my extremly horrible connections this is my 2nd weekend in a row spent sober. Oh this is so depressing. I need a real dealer!!
  2. same here man, i need a hookup, im thinking of getting a job at a gas station and tring to get some hookups and stuff :)
  3. Sorry to hear about your guys' dry spell. They're never fun. Hopefully things will turn around for you. until then-I'll smoke some for the 2 of ya
  4. That must suck !!! I'm smokin a fatty for ya right now
    Can't imagine the pain your goin through ...Good Luck and i'll smoke for all three of ya
  5. i'm so sad i just smoked another for ya

    i'm so
  6. Where do you meet dealers ?
  7. Well if anyone's in the seattle area i can hook them up wit someone, but for other parts of the country, u gotta make sum friends
  8. what location are you in, I could help possibly
  9. i live in NJ, Morris county
  10. I'm in Kansas, sorry I don't know any dealers in NJ.
  11. how do u meet dealers? from jobs or what?
  12. Friends of friends, sometimes with people I work with, and I started to grow my own.
  13. Come on over for a bowl. If you cant make ill just blow my smoke to NY . =)

    tryin .=)

  14. How considerate. Well i'm not that bummed out anymore..I talked to a friend from Jersey whos bringing her friend up who knows all the nig dealers in my neighborhood (he lived in my neighborhood for 15 years) So i'm getting all nice new connections this saturday.
  15. thats awsome, man
  16. Just picked up a gram today in school. Needless to say this has been a rejoiceful afternoon. "Morpheus" (my new bong) has been waiting for some more action. He's been waiting like 6 days.
  17. nig dealers?
  18. LoL my bad..i just red that..i'm baked now..

    s'posecd to be "big dealers"

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