Another "smell" issue - advice needed before I start

Discussion in 'Security' started by BudBrain, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Ok i posted in here a while back about this, so ive built my grow box,

    approximate size is

    L 1.5ft

    W 1.5ft

    H 2.5ft

    and there is a small 2.5inch intake and 3inch exhaust fan both from an old computer rigged up to a3-12v adjustable power adapter, i will be growing in a loft/attic area, and im concearned about the smell, this grow spot has an all round air draught from outside wind at all times, so would a carbon filter still be essential? Its always kinda nippy in there and u can feel the wind and air temperature difference as soon as u open the little door to it...

    Im growing diesel ryder and i believe they are very smelly from recent online reports...

    I thinkin most of u are gonna write back sayin dont be stupid of course u need a CF, but im only askin if it would be safe to start, could the smell leak into the house??

    Thanks guys

  2. Get a taller growbox, like 4-6 feet.
  3. Agreed. A good sized wardrobe is good if you only want a small place.
    Mine is 3ft long 1.5ft deep and 6ft tall. It works well with good intake and out take!!!

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