another sing song.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. (sung to the tune of "let it snow")

    Now the way that i see this is shrinkin'
    Its time to give up drinkin'
    theres a better place for me to go...
    lets get stoned, lets get stoned, lets get stoned.

    ok, so i only got one verse. but it works well, cos its true.

    ps... its amazing what you can come up with when taking a leak.
  2. do you think the first line should instead be "Now the way i see this i'm thinkin'"?

  3. how can something expand which has no boundaries glasshoppa?
  4. "universe is constantly expanding digit"

    ouch! :eek: sounds painfull.

    "He wishes."

    not friggin likely.


  5. unless its some sort of universal tide which eventually will peak and time and space will contract until every piece of matter becomes one again in a big bang reversal...

    ..oh yes!..its perrrfect!...consequenses will proceed the actions!..physics as we know it will be in utter chaos! MUAHAHAHA
  6. Dr Evil.
  7. dr evil indeed!!!
  9. well i got a little bag of green
    you said that you would bring a light
    my bong waters nice and clean
    lets get stoned lets get stoned lets get stoned

    now my eyes are slowly closing
    and my mouth curles into a smile
    i need some food and feel liek dozing
    lets get stoned lets get stoned lets get stoned
  10. ABC! what are you doing! tut tut! staying on topic! :D


    i like them lines, its hard to get it to sound right when i sing it tho... maybe to many (or too few) sylables. who knows.

    as for teh universe sub topic thats going on....

    Gravity lacks balance.

  11. actually.. yeah... stupid biased gravity dragging everything down... wtf...... bastard gravity
  12. life would be so much nicer without it. boy the hair would stand right on my head!

  13. :D

    i'm gonna be quoting that alot.

    Bastard Gravity. :D

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