another silly little poll.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jul 4, 2002.


do typos matter?

  1. yes, your constant typos bother me because i'm that anal.

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  2. there's only one typo that u do taht really pisses me off and thats when u type a vowel too soon

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  3. it's funny when u type teh...

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  4. waht? i cnat erve ndersuand ouy caubes fo teh tyops. uy kame no sens.

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  1. this is really starting to bug me... everytime i post i type too quickly and often end up with loadsa typos but hit submit before i realise and i don't like going back to edit cos then it looks like u changed the content rather than just teh typos.
  2. and thnx to rmjl (i think it was rmjl... i might be wrong) i'm no longer the "medcanactivistartyhippy" i am now going to be "Poll Master Digit"
  3. yup it was rmjl
    good idea too:)
  4. i like to thinkso. thnx rmjl.

    ur sig=Remember this: You can run... but the bullet will always catch you!

    reminds me of a line from a film... "i got six little friends and they can all run alot faster than you" what's that from? anyone know?'s kinda buggin me now.
  5. know you should note this postsshas taken plaec under the infuleince of marjuina k.... sounds like "Who framed roger rabbit?"
  6. hey since thats my qutoe and im stoned i gonna change it too "you can runn... but the bullet always runs faster."
  7. dude, you've replied twice and not voted. it may just be a silly little poll but i still like to see how thye turn out.

    take advantage of your ability to vote, take advantage.
  8. there you happy know ;)
  9. I don't mind typo's but just know if you type like this: |v|@|\| 1 w@$ $¤ w@$t3Ð th3 ¤th3® |\|1ght ¥¤µ $h¤µlÐ h@v3 833|\| th3®3!!!!11111

    I won't sit there and try to decrypt it. I don't mind 'teh' and such though.

    Oh and one more thing... what's a good time for me?! I just put steals fire because the greek god Prometheus did that. I really dunno what to put there.. any suggestions? :eek:
  10. Tpyos dont' matert. Ist teh contstnat speliling msitkaes taht klil me,
  11. As long as I can understand it.
  12. Hell i LIKKE TYPOS!!
  13. I don't make typo's!!!!!!! My fucking computer dos it.

    Anyone else have a computer that has a mind of it'sm own!!

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