Another "Should I harvest" Thread

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by frozen, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. OK I've seen a lot of threads like this but I couldn't really help myself by reading the other threads so I've decided to just make my own and see what you guys think.

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  2. You look pretty damn close. Id say you could harvest.
  3. about how long have then been flowering cause by the pics id say they are just about finished up bro i would prolly chop soon
  4. I just chopped my plant but by the looks of it, this is gonna be the most embarrassing grow in California outdoor history :( I even used fertilizer and it looks its only gonna be a little over a quarter :mad:

    I spent so much time with it too...

    damn I didn't even get a cola

    I've heard from a few veteren growers who saw and helped me grow over here that I might have ruined the plant when I attempted L.S.T

    Im just so shocked that this could happen...
  5. live and learn. your grows will get better and better with experience. my first grow harvested about 6-7grams only
  6. u need to buy a microscope from radio shack or anywhere like that for $10 and check the crystals sounds complicated but very very easy
  7. that really sucks my first completed outdoor grow i almost harvest 3.5 ounces off one plant.

    I was really surprised to......

    buds were very very thick and dense.

    very happy AndrewBUD.... puffin' a 7:20 bowl :p

  8. dont ever beat yourself up about growing... because you tried something that only a small percent of smokers even think about trying. keep your head held high:hello:
    my best wishes for you next year:eek:
  9. thanks man :) Ill just try next year with better seeds and more knowledge :D

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