Another shooting ,this time at Texas A&M

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  1. I'm going to start wearing a tactical vest every time i decide to go to the grocery store. If shit goes down, I'll be prepared.
  2. I'm gonna start practicing my shooting, I ain't getting capped by a crazy.
  3. Shootings like this happen all the time. The media is giving so much airtime to them all for a reason.
  4. [quote name='"Demiurge"']Shootings like this happen all the time. The media is giving so much airtime to them all for a reason.[/quote]

    That reason being the UN gun control act
  5. Iran is going down, and it's going to happen real quick! Lol, shootings in America make me laugh.

  6. They forget to show when the guns are used to save lives like a couple years ago in Texas when an 85 year old lady used a little .22 to shoot a burglar that broke into her house.
  7. Yeah, crazy stuff. My sister goes to ATM, and doesn't live too far from where the shooting happened.
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    I know its not for the right reason, but letting the world see what happens all the time, even if its just for political reasons or ratings isn't such a bad thing is it?
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  9. Bad shit happens errywhere. Mason City Iowa, which has a population under 30,000 has at least a couple stabbings a week. Lately people have been getting shot outside of this liquor store and kids are lighting cornfields on fire. Shits a fucking wreck. Some little asshole punks spray painted my neighbors shed. If I catch those little pricks on my property Ima have to layeth the smack down.

  10. A couple years ago a gun saved someones life? Back here in reality guns are killing innocent people on a daily basis.

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