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  1. Alright, so i'm in my sophomore year of high school and I'm at football practice. We're scrimmaging or doing something and all of a sudden one of my teammates in my class just takes off. He runs off our practice field and to our locker room. Everyone's just like WTF?:confused: but we ignore it and continue to practice.

    Anyway, practice gets over and we all head to the locker room. We get to the front steps and there is like two pieces of shit on the stairs. We continued on into our school and there is a fucking trail of shit leading down the hallway and down the steps into our locker room.

    As we tip toe down the steps, trying not to step in shit while laughing our asses off, we finally get down into the locker room. Now on this particular side of the locker room we have two toilets right by the stairs. BOTH of these toilets were just completely destroyed. Nasty diarrhea shit on the floor, seats, and some on the walls. It was absolutely disgusting.

    Our football coach comes down and is completely astonished. Of course we all know it was our teammate. I guess he was sick or something and got a gut buster lol.

    Anyway, it all ended getting cleaned up and our football coach talked to him later and he said that he felt really embarrassed about it. We all knew he felt bad so we didn't say anything to him about it or make fun of him except one of my friends. The next time my friend sees him he immediately says "HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET IT IN BOTH STALLS!?!"

    All in all, one of the funniest things to ever happen to me.
  2. Sounds pretty hilarious!
  3. This shit made me laugh so fucking hard lol.

    I feel bad for him though lol, he will be known as "how in the hell did he get it in both stalls kid" the rest of his school life.
  4. what did it smell like??
  5. It smelt pretty bad. About as bad as two toilets full of shit could lol
  6. [quote name='"p00nd"']what did it smell like??[/quote]

  7. [quote name='"SweetLeaf12"']


    I laughed so fucking hard hahahahahah
  8. Holy duck the same thing happened to me when I was in like 7th grade but it wasn't in school, here's a funny story for yall

    So I was at my middle school playing basketball against my dad after we had eaten somewhere, so mid game I say dad I gotta poop and he's like well I'm not taking you anywhere so I'm like aight I'll try to get in school, all the doors were locked and I had run around the school and as I'm running back to the court I just have this horrible feeling that a dump truck of shit is about to let loose out of my ass. Naturally I clench my asshole and try to hold it but this shit came out faster than niagra falls all over the sidewalk, I then sprinted around the corner to behind a shed and then took my pants and boxers off and burried them under the shed, that was the single most disgusting poop I have ever had it was literally everywhere all down my legs, my shoes, I think a little was on my shirt also. Good thing me and my dad were the only ones there, oh and this happened on Sunday and when I got to school on monday I saw a spot on the sidewalk from the stain my shit left.
  9. Goodbye, you have to be 18 to live in this community, come back in 4 years
  10. Well, you're getting banned cause you have to be 18, but godamn that's a funny story.
  11. how the hell did he get it in both stalls? i'm really curious
  12. yeah you're getting banned unless you failed two grades lol.
  13. Yeah op failed two grades he's 18.. why u guys trying to get dude banned?
  14. Yea I go to school with op he is actually 21
  15. I think he meant that story happened when he was a sophmore and he's older now
  16. Lol @ age nazis
  17. You know I appreciate the fact that you guys are trying to be good users and report underage users - BUT you all need to learn some reading comprehension.
  18. Sophomores can be 16, fail twice or get held bck or w/e, be 18.

    Anyways, reminds me way back, some kid had to shit and just ran into the field house, the particular stall he chose there was shit EVERYWHERE got on the ceiling and everything. He didn't even clean it up.

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