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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Blackonehitter1289, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I posted in the "sexing" pinned topic, but I did not receive any replies (maybe this forum is slower then I thought), so Im making a new post. I am a little over a week into flowering, and I saw these right where the branches, branch out from the main stalk. I think its a male =( , but being im only a week into flowering I dont want to trash a female, because I am mistaken pollen sacs with new growth. having to start over would suck, but at least Im learning. What do yall think Male or Female? Maybe to early to tell. Thank you for any replies.

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  2. Look like balls to me

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  3. Sorry buddy. You got a full blown male plant there. TWW
  4. Yeah, guess its 2 months down the drain. Have no more seeds either. Guess I should just buy some fem seeds online. Thanks for the replies.

  5. Hey guys Im back with some new images, I know yall all said it was a male, but Im just making sure by posting newer pics. Im thinking of starting an all 12/12 cycle with another seed, but before I start to germ the seed I want to make sure 1000% this is in fact a male

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    Thanks again for any replies.


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