Another senseless murder...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 31, 2006.

  1. R.I.P. Johnny Boy.

    I didnt know him well, But ive partied with him more then a dozen times. Good guy, Dosent even bang.

    Knew him through a buddy of mine.

    I guess he got gunned down early this morning in Delray.

    I dont know the specifics.

    I jus know another young man is dead.

    Fucking redicolous.

    Why dont the killers and rapists get killed in the sensless murders, Whys it always the productive members of society.

    Fucked up.

    Thas all i got to say.

    R.I.P. Johnny Boy.
  2. If everything happen for a reason, Can you tell me why this ***** bleedin?, Needin, Medical Assitance, Out here needin public housing, Try to make ends meet, Tryin to get on our feet.

    I want to change the world, I want to change my life, I only put up a fight, When i know that its right.
  3. shit bone thugz are fuckin tight +rep. im listenin to take me home.

    fuckin sucks tho man.
  4. i know how you feel man i just lost a great friend of mine last weekend. i knew him for almost 2 years. that sucks man. stay up.
  5. Yeah +rep for BTNH.
  6. stay strong bro
  7. Shit dude that suckls ,man, that shit never happens around herre beuit i definitly got respect for the peole that have to deal with that shit on a daily basis man. But you know what they say, the good die young man. RIP
  8. You know they say the good die young, Thas why we should have fun when we young, Cuz time dont wait for no one, When god calls you got to go home...

    *****s in my click, Is dying quick, In Detroit, *****s dont party, Pull the four four out, Drunk off bacardi...
  9. exactly man, live it up now and have no regrets or hesitation. If you want something go get it and dont wait for it to come to you cause its not gonna happen. You never know when its your time to go, so make sure you got enough done that you could consider yourself ready at anytime.

    Thats definitly one of the best things I learned senior year to go get whatever you want and that things are not gonna just float by and come to you.
  10. respect man, RIP on another youth dead for no reason... the world didn't even blink :(
  11. My condolences, dude. Sorry to hear.

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