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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Grassmann1, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Well its the end of the grow season up here, worryed about the frost hitting. Dont wanna ruin my crop...

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  2. it all weighed a lil over 5 lbs

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  3. looks good, did you get a heavy rainfall just before the pic was taken?........what strain is it?..........Peace out.........Sid
  4. I take enough juss to last me a few weekends...


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  5. ya i took the pic later in the have to say it rained earlyier in the day...that night i musta been out there for hours choppin em up...heard there was gunna be a frost, and next day...i was happy...the weather man was right...saved it

    Hawaii x Skunk
  6. Zonerr takes off his hat and bows before the piles of natures necter!


  7. Your a lucky guy man. What are you gonna do with all that? Where was your grow site at? Looks like somewhere in the forest? Was it pretty secluded? Any tips cause I'm thinking of growing in an area like that as well.
  8. Well for security reasons i cannot tell u much about where its at... lets juss says its alot of miles away from people, its so secure...

    I usally smoke a lot of it..maybe 1 pound of it over a long period of time, and i give maybe a half of pound to friends and who knows what i do with the other few pounds ;-)

    next grow im not sure, in doors of course tho
  9. omg.those are some nice buds.i wish i had that...
  10. yeh no kidding... wanna move to IL?? i need a new hookup =\ 1150 for a qper is killin me
  11. 1100 for a damn qp?!?!?!? HOLY SHIT MAN...THAT IS AN ASSRAPING

  12. well... its dank... just nuthin amazing and yah.. i kno, i'm takin in the ass hardcore. sum1 save me! heh
  13. very nice grow.
  14. ya this shit gets me so high, i jusssss smoked a seeing stars
  15. thats a lot of fuckin weed!!!! i want some
  16. wow this was a while ago..
  17. Do you still have some of that? Or did you finish it up?

  18. LOL itlooks like fresh broccoli! Very nice.... :smoke:
  19. nice crop :) , wish I lived in a country where we could grow outside , growing in the house is just a para buzz :( although I still get the biggest budz I ever saw , check out my "recent crop" pics in this forum


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