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  1. I'm thinking about buying this roor, but i need some input. I noticed on a real roor the base has that unique beaker shape and the one I'm looking into buying has a round base. Also on real ones, most of them have those four dots around the joint. The one I might buy has no dots. Think its fake?
  2. yes, read the sticky
  3. I did read the sticky. I was just hoping someone on here could just help me out and make sure
  4. Looks pretty real to me. The ones with dots are fakes by the way.
  5. How can you tell thats its fake.
  6. It's definitely fake. No need to hurry... It's been there for awhile, and there's still 4 available.

  7. that is sooo fake. although its only 30 bucks.hmmm
    u dont know though it might be cheap ass easily breakable china glass

    you can tell its fake cuz roor dont make bongs like this.
  8. Thanks for all the input. I think I'm gonna search around for a different bong then. I have $50. Any suggestions on a bong?
  9. Save up to ~100 and get a quality tube.

    Just because it's fake doesn't mean you can't get the other one though. That seller is really cool and throws in freebies with his sales. That's damn good for $35 with shipping.
  10. i mean that bong is nice cuz it really cheap. id buy it.

  11. I'm just looking into buy a smaller cool bong. I would never spend 100 bucks on glass, but thats just me.
  12. How can you tell its NOT fake? That thing just screams "buy me glass noob! Support slave labor!".

    OP, hit up a LHS and haggle a deal, that's the best advice i have since you are pretty ignorant in the game.

  13. lol How does slave labor have ANYTHING to do with this?
  14. Who do you think made that tube? :rolleyes::devious:
  15. haha You're so stupid.
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    Says the guy who actually found it plausible that a RooR could be had brand new for under $50...

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