another ROOR in the family...

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  1. My husband is working in New York right now (and for the next several months). On his birthday he was in Greenwich Village and ran across a head shop. Because he is the most kick ass husband in the world he bought me this! [$250 Cash]




    You may say, and are totally allowed, that the bowls are nothing special because they are standard, but I think every last bit of it is fucking amazing because he bought it for me. Which is almost how I got my first ROOR. He saw I had it in my watch list on ebay (long ago) and bought it! [For those who don't know me, my husband rarely, if ever, smokes. This is all for me because he loves me/my smile.]

    I married the most amazing man that ever existed. It's true! :hello: :smoke:
  2. that is awesome :)

    I was looking at ROORs yesterday, but I'm broke :/
  3. Thats awesome!!!!

    Congrats for the new bong and for making the right choice of man!!! He's probably glad he picked you as well
  4. thats a really nice bong!!! ive never seen any roor perc that llooks like that though im not sure how legit that is.......still a sexy tube though
  5. wow that is awesome. what a great guy.

    I absolutely love that bong
  6. heh. Thanks folks! He is wonderful! Here he is at work. :D

    Robster craws (haha) :smoke:
  7. Don't want to be a downer, but i'd say thats a fake roor
    nice bong regardless though
  8. thats straight dope. only roor that actually looks good in my view damn
  9. Really hate to break it to ya, but that's fake...
  10. is that because of the perc design?
    regardless tho, its a nice bong yo.
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    Yeah some giveaways would be that Chinese 3? arm amber tree perc, no splash guard. Never seen that size logo on a perc'd Roor. The A/C isn't like anything I've seen; The downstem in the A/C is either damn rare, or fake. The downstem and bowl for the tube just don't look right, and the diffy definitely isn't a

    Not trying to rain on your parade dbw, sorry it's not authentic :(
  12. dude even if it is a fake i bet it still rips... its got a trip-tree perc. plus it looks like it was quite nicely made...

  13. its probably cause I'm high, but I lol'd my ass off :)
  14. it may be but i like that ash catcher!!
  15. that thing must toke like a champion
  16. who cares if it is or is not fake, it makes her happy because the person she loves got it for her.
    So +rep for that :wave:
  17. Its fake. This thread is funny.
  18. well, i'm jealous.
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    Just a heads up, ive been living in NYC my whole life, NYC is notorious for fake roor's all over the place. only 3 shops in NYC sell real US roors and they are authorized by ROOR.

    That one is without a doubt a fake.

    You got a good pice though... if he would have tried to charge you roor prices that would have been another story...
  20. It truly isn't a downer at all! I totally look forward to smoking the shit out of it. If it were me purchasing it, you could laugh, but the thought of it being fake wouldn't have even crossed his mind. Nor do I think I'll tell him. The sentiment is all worth the while. :D :D

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