Another robbed/burned story to add to RLS

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stay Green, May 27, 2010.

  1. So it starts out like any other day, going to school, then coming home and just killing time. My good buddy calls me and says get to the skatepark quick because his friend is selling 10 strips for 75 each. I immediately get on that and drive to the nearest ATM. For some odd reason it was not working and letting me take my money out. This was sign number one not to buy this shit. I get to the park and let this guy with the strips know I definitely want to buy some quantity. He says he'll ride up with me to the bank and see if he can help me get my money out. He ends up getting me pumped up on this sick blotter (so he said) and I end up buying half a sheet off of him. Originally it was 7.50 for each hit, but then he quickly drops the price down to 3.50 a hit for 5 strips. This was sign number two, anyone selling drugs legit is not going to end up dropping their price to half of what it was with no haggling whatsoever and completely on a whim. I buy my shit and at this point im fucking pumped, because I figure I'm about to get 30 free blotters or make bank with this stuff. Some other kids at the skatepark bought a couple tabs for personal use and drop them right away. Around two hours later these kids start saying they still dont feel anything. I get worried at this point and lose all interest in my little side activities I was doing. i get home and eat 3 tabs to check if it's legit or not. I fell asleep two hours later, or in other words, this was some bunk/fake cid. My friends got my back though and are gonna try and help me get my money back somehow even though the fucker ditched town. (Cant talk about it on GC lol)

    Moral of the story: Sample a hit before you buy a fucking sheet, or you may just get burned pretty badly.
  2. That really sucks dude, but that shit happens. If only there was some sort of test you could do on acid to test it's potency without destroying it...

    Live and learn.
  3. Yep, that pretty much how I look at it, but anyone I'm just chilling on 1 and half tabs listening to some trippy ass music. Im pulling an all nighter. Its just starting to come on. :hello:
  4. Same shit happened to me except it was on mints. Most expensive mints I've ever bought.
  5. Careful of what you mention here on the city it could result in a ban, just a heads up

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  6. He was banned a while back friend.
  7. Never buy in quantity just like that man. Especially if you don't know the guy and haven't even tested it. Just a bad decision all around. You might as well just let it go though, smart thing to do.
  8. I just realized that and the fact that I revived a 4 year old thread, oops.

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  9. Meh, it's still a funny story though..

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