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    I am thinking about starting an operation in the walk-in closet of my first-floor apartment. I am looking at doing 1-2 plants in a very, very, stealth operation like in a garage cabinet or dresser. Something water resistant. I want to veg using cfl's in a cabinet in the kitchen and flower in the closet.

    From what I have read, the main logistical issues with growing in a rented apartment are: management/inspections, heat, smell, freak accidents like a water pipes in the apartment above bursting or something, foot traffic, and keeping one's mouth shut. In other words, not being anonymous.

    I work from home and will be there if maintenance stops by to change air filters or something (they usually give a couple of days notice). I am social with my neighbors but pretty much keep to myself and try to stay anonymous. I do not play loud music or have much foot traffic. My neighbors do not even know that I smoke.

    This leaves the smell/vent problem. I will use carbon filters but that cannot eliminate everything.The window through which I want to vent is on the other side of a gate that is only used by the fire department or emt in case of emergency. No resident has direct access to walk by it. On the street side of the gate, there is over 20ft of grass between the street and window. The only problem I see with this is potentially a lawn maintenance guy weedeating next to the building or something. It will have to be either there or through a wall into the other closet, which will only work if its temperature and smell are properly maintained. Let me know what you think.


  2. i feel ya bro, im currently growing in an apartment, check out my grow. shit i still dont even have a carbon scrubber, my exhaust is going straight out my laundry room dryer exhaust which is near my front door, but you cant smell it outside. maintenance also comes through about once a year or so to change out the central air filters but they give a heads up about a week ahead of time, plenty of time to relocate everything. i maintain a healthy relationship with all my neighbors and offer to help when they need a hand. the only person that knows about my grow is my wife, besides that nobody has any idea. ots very possible to pull off but be sure to use as much caution as possible. good luck bro :D
  3. you have a window in your walk in closet? wtf.. wish i had that.

    my friend had a whole bed room in his apartment filled with plants for about a year non stop. lololol. its on the hood and as long as they pay bills and don't complain management doesnt bother them.

    anyway i doubt you would have any problems with only a few plants. just make sure you deal with the smell, don't tell anyone and that you can move it or rip it all down fast of needed. it should be fine..

  4. Definitely this. That's one thing that always sketched me out thinking about growing in an apartment.
    There have been a few times during my living here where we've gotten the notes on our doors telling us maintenance or whoever will be entering our place between such-and-such dates to do so-and-so. It's annoying enough for me just to make sure my place is smell-free during that time, and I'm not even a grower! ;)

    Gotta make sure you can get rid of it quick, just in case! :smoking:
  5. Two points really:

    1. This isn't going to involve massive numbers of plants!
    2. Use a low odour strain.

    With just a handful of the right plants plus a simple carbon filter for extra assurance there won't be a problem.
  6. I'd suggest looking into some of the Stealth Rubbermaid grows and use a carbon filter.
  7. if u take the guys advice above me.... my sig would def help u out, and u could def have more than one of the rubbermaids, say like a small rubbermaid setup for mother?, take cuttings and have another rubbermaid for the clones to get roots, then a 3rd rubbermaid putting the rooted clones into 12/12, can u say PERPETUAL HARVEST?, :) anyways, good luck and hope it turns out good
  8. I'm sort of in the same situation OP is in. I'm in a rental duplex. No maintenance luckily, but the landlord could come in at any time. I'm only going to be growing 2 plants and I'm hoping that with a carbon scrubber, the smell shouldn't be an issue.

    Let me know what you figure out, if anything. I'll be interested in seeing your progress as I start my own op. :)
  9. if its only 2 plants i wouldnt worry about the smell, i livein a 1 bedroom. i do my vegging in the room. and flowering in the closet, ive grown up to 3 plants, in there. j=get some glad pluggins, and some air spray, and dont worry about it, its not going to be tht strong trust me. i grew white rhino. that was probably the stinkiest oone i grew, and you couldnt smell it outside the room.
  10. I'm currently growing in an apartment complex, but I'm on the second floor. I'm doing a dresser grow I gues you could say in my closet. Not the stealthiest but I'm not worried about maitenance comin in w/o tellin me like you said. Smell isn't too bad, but like you I only have 2 plants(bagseed). Check out my journal in my sign if you want. Don't worry about it you'll be fine. Best of luck man!

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