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Another reason why getting high and driving is a bad idea..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SRHtoker570, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Well once again i make an example of myself...i have a brand new 2007 Dodge charger SXT and this saturday night i was going with my two friends to go pick up some dank! (it seemed worth the drive). We had already ripped through abour 4-5 bongs and a blunt. It was just like any other time driving hi, easy. But heres where being hi and driving gets difficult bc ususally i am a better driver hi...Well coming down the highway going to an upward helix on-ramp, after grabbing the dank and going to drop some off for family, the unthinkable happened. I hit a patch of black ice and slid 7ft. into an awaiting guardrail. When my front end hit it broke the front bumper and headlight and dented the fender till it was unrepairable, now after the fron hit, the rear swung around and bashed itself off the guardrail, thus smashing the QP to the point of no return also. Then the guardrail rebounds me n my friends off of it back into traffic where i counter-steered and got back on the road.....My hi was GONE! completelly, i was so mad at myself i couldnt believe it...after checking on my buds(friends) and we were all good, a lil winded from smashing into the doors and center console, we proceeded to drive bc it was a busy highway, i got to my cousins house and got out to find i have over $5k in damages including front bumper, headlight, front fender, both doors, and left rear quarter MANGLED!...Luckily i have FULL coverage but, this is for anyone who gets hi and drives, no matter how good you are man accidents happen, i drift in the summertime with my friends and have done it flawlessly for 3 years now and this little patch of ice has fucked me, so it goes to show, keep your eyes peeled if your hi, lazy eyes need not apply, it is just too dangerous...luckily noone was hurt but my spirit...Oh and about the dank, i packed a FAT bong and ripped it till it was ashes and tried to forget at least for that night bc nothing can be done on sat. or ya me+driving hi= no longer, take my car for an example, i put more damage into it than the equity i have on careful guys us stoners need to stick together...been puff' n tuff for 6 years, no accidents till now, it can happen anytime!! peace guys:eek:
  2. Hell yeah man, we always think "that's never gonna happen to us...but it can and it will. Same with confrontations with the cops. First couple of years smokin it never happened to me or any of my friends, we thought we were sneaky as hell and kept our shit on the down low. None of that matters, it's bound to happen. Now after 8 years of smokin I've run into the cops AT LEAST 9 times, and luckily have only been arrested once (the first time I didn't know what the fuck to do, I was only 14, so of course I got arrested). But now cops can't get shit on me, I know how and when to ditch my shit, you can barely tell I'm high, and I know my rights. ESPECIALLY when you're driving around smokin, expect to get stopped by the cops at least once in your life. But it's all good :smoking:. Sorry to hear about your car bro.
  3. I would have to say driving high is easier than driving straight. I took drivers ed high...
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    I don't see how the two are related. Around here (up north anyways) you can't see the black ice, so what could you have done to avoid it? Unless it was clear that there was ice on the road and you still ran over it because you were high...

    Either way, it really sucks about your car and I'm glad that you and your friends are alright. On the plus side, your car wasn't totaled.
  5. If your driving is affected under the influence of marijuana it was dumb of you to drive.

    Thankfully it doesn't affect my driving. :smoke:
  6. we do need to watch out when driving high..iv'e been doing it (DRIVING HIGH) a long time and know my backroads like the back of my hand...and plus i drive an Xterra :D...she's a BEAST on the roads around here...and im pretty cautious too...but glad your okay bro...and your covered so toke and choke:smoke:
  7. or just dont drive high when you can reasonably suspect adverse road conditions ;)
  8. Thats too bad, but at least you have full coverage. Black ice is a bitch, got to be extremely careful on freeway ramps and turns underneath bridges.
  9. Ya thanks for the support dude, but ya it was just inclimate weather, my tires have nothing over 100 miles on them, brand new hankook venus so it wasnt the tires it was the weather i was just saying i was chilaxin and drivin and if i wasnt hi i may have had a chance but what happens happenz just learn from my mistakes. ill upload pics later to show ya's im at work now
  10. So how did smoking cause you to slip on the black ice? If it was me and I was high I would drive extra careful especially if it said it was below 32 on my thermometer. I think you would of slid even if you were sober imho.
  11. Sounds like you probably would have crashed if you were sober or high judging by what you said. Drive more carefully and/ or get an AWD car :smoke:

    Of course I have no information to back this up, but I bet someone driving without their prescription glasses is more of a threat on the roads then a daily toker driving after smoking a bowl/joint.
  12. state dependent learning
  13. it doesn't sound like the weed was the cause of the accident.
    It sounds more like a coincidence than anything.
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    I agree driving high shouldn't be done, driving under the influence of anything is less safe than driving sober.

    However, accidents happen even when you're not high, and your story sounded like the same thing could have easily happened to you if you were sober.

    Glad you're okay, sorry to hear about the damages to your car but at least you got coverage. Stay smart man.
  15. I smoked like a 1/8 of northern lights at a friends house and as we were leaving the neighbors driveway looked to be part of the road and i hit it doing liek 40 and drove right threw thier lawn. I went right through 2 trees about 15 feet apart of each other.. it was freaky as hell, then i drove off with out telling them... come to find out tho im liek the 100th person to do that.
  16. I learned the hard way. I wiped my 2002 Toyota Tacoma into a mountain side. I blacked out while driving man. So bad, but could have been worse considering if I went to the other side it would have been like a straight 2000ft drop, and I was with 3 girls to make matters worse. Be thankful that everyone is ok, material possesions come last, they can be replaced.
  17. dodge charger? dont drive hi? Are you a cop? lol jk sorry to hear man.
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    Here is yet another Reason why being high and driving is bad.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Nicks Car (The Aftermath)[/ame]

    T-Boned while pulling an illegal U-Turn. I wasn't driving nor was it my car.
  19. Ya they were my two best bros with me i would be crushed if i hurt them...we werent wearing seatbelts either...guess what i wear now? A seat belt, fuck it. Ya i ride a charger but believe me im no cop, check out my pics u'll see why haha
  20. I could see the weed having something to do with it if you didn't react in time, but there's not much you can do with black ice anyway. Glad you're not hurt, and I have much sympathy for you right now. I hope your deductible isn't too high.

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