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Another realisation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. If the government closes all the head shops in the US then their commercials about supporting terrorist would be more truth than not.

    When the americans have to buy their stuff from the terrorist then the US commercials would't be hypocritical.

    Doesn't that make sense?

    It's also a way of taking another freedom from us through their LEGAL system..
  2. Yeah Bud Head, I agree. And wasn't this country founded in order to gain economic freedom? We need the Freemasons to retake controll, and then let the good times roll. All we got now are those damn Skull and Bones bitches from those damn pussy Ivy-league schools. Rich bastards. While I remain adamant in my beliefs that Bush is trying to do good, he's fucking it up hardcore here on the homefront. Let's have us another Boston Tes Party--this time with ganja tea, not tossing it in the bay but drinking it on the dockside. If we get a million people, there is no way they could arrest everybody. They don't have the resources. Perhaps the symbolism would strike a chord with the common man. What a fucked up thought for not even being stoned-just sleep deprived.

  3. yep. cant wait to see whats next

  4. lol, we need shit like they had back in the day... protests, sit ins, etc... kinda like during the civil rights movement.

    it worked once... it'll work again

  5. People are to scared of being arrested for pro marijuanna gatherings. only about half or less of the smokers would even show up. If we all stood up and let it be known that we are not going to take this shit anymore, The government would have to listen!

    I have joined NORML to help in fighting this cause. I suggest every one join..
  6. Right On!
  7. Hey everyone..So Really, All conspiracies really boil down to 2 or 3 key persons..Who are they here?
  8. Well, first of all, there's me, then there is Ozzy (that whole stuttering thing is just an act), and finally (I Know you guys are gonna hate this) Elvis. The king isn't dead, just in charge of the world.

  9. bastards.
  10. "All we got now are those damn Skull and Bones bitches from those damn pussy Ivy-league schools. Rich bastards."

    ted, I must say that I take a little offense at your post. As a student at the particular pussy Ivy League school to which you refer, I must say that the war on drugs probably does not rest squarely on our shoulders. True, our president did complete his degree (and receive a C average) here, but we're not all bad. Few places in my life have I seen such an active and social smoking scene. And, as you probably know, the curent political leaning of the large majority of Ivy League students is to the left. That all being said, I still hate Bush and agree that the elitism of our educational system isn't really helping anything... time to go blaze a bowl and do some reading....
  11. Man, I'm sorry--I just like making broad generalizations. I think it's my own elitism or something. For some reason, I find it neccessary to talk shit about people who have it better than me. Once again, I apologize.
    And Gravy--there's gonna be an opening as sone as Elvis passes. Don't tell anybody this, but me and Ozzy got a bet going on how long it takes before he has a heart-attack (of course, we can't take him to a hospital, as everybody thinks he's dead). Feel free to submit your application for world leadership if you see problems with our current control.
  12. not at all man. i certainly wasn't offended or anything. i just wanted to represent for the smokers of the ivy league... we really are sorry about the whole Bush thing...

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