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  1. I had the perfect space in my basement then i realized it gets too cold in the winter (30f-40f) so now i have to grow in my room stealthy. My plan was to grow 16 plants in a 4x4 box and hopefully got a yeild of 16-32 oz. Now i want the same results but i cant use a box that big. I can make it about the size of a dresser. (about 3ft wide x 2ft deep x 3ft high.) Is there any chance of yeilding that? Im either using a 250 or 400 watt hps. or cfls, im planning on using 5gal buckets, w/ soil. Im not sure about nutes right now. Is there any chance of yeilding 1-2lbs with that setup?
  2. Yes.

    Keep them in 8 inch pots very close to eachother in a 4x4 square and start flowering them at about 10 inches tall, keeping them close will make all single large collas, you should be able to get 2 ounces per plant with a good bloom product and keeping the light as close as possible.

    Temp is cold, keep the pots off the ground so the soil doesnt get cold use styrofoam as a base if possible, you will have to use 400hps or 2x250 if you want to yield 2 oz per plant
  3. ok so if i make a 3x2x3ft "dresser box" is there a chance i can get 1-2lbs? How many plants will i need and what size pots?
  4. thats 6-8 plants max with 6 inch pots... your not going to yeild what you want with that setup.
  5. If i use 6" pots i can get 12 plants in there. With 5gal buckets i can put 6 plants.
  6. 6 inch pots will not give you the plant size you need, it will become rootbound and stop growing, but you MIGHT get 1 ounce each if you feed
    them properly. 6 plants in 5 gallon buckets then your asking for almost 5 ounces per plant, if your not a experienced grower and dont have the right strain you cant hope to get close to that.
  7. Well im using original northern lights from drchronic. OK i guess heres my new setup
    3FT long x 2FT deep x 3FT tall box
    5gal buckets w/ soil
    ill probablly use flouros because i only have 3ft space in height
  8. What should i do about the height? If i have the flouros and 5gal buckets then i only have about 20 inches for the plant to grow because the buckets are 14" high then the flouros are say 2" thats 36"-16" =20". Would i be able to get a good yeild with 20" plants? And should i train then or should i do a sog/scrog?
  9. scrog is the way to go and get lots of flourescents and keep them extremly close.
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  10. ^^Alright thanks for the help (+rep) One last ?.. With that setup with a scrog i can possibly yeild a few oz/plant right?

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