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  1. So i have a plant that is about 1 ft tall. Its flowering but there are two leaves that are dying and are discolored.. should i cut the dying leaves off? Will cutting the dead ones off stop the whole thing from dying? (I know about lightage and what not just a question because once i cut those leaves off it only has four leaf sets on it but secondary growth is growing where ive had to cut off dying leaves..

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  2. dead leaves wont hurt and might help to cut them
  3. Since you're in flower I'd be concerned if the dying leaf is in contact with a bud, formula for bud rot right there. Normally I test the leaf and if it's still firmly attached to the stem I leave it. If it comes off easily then it's a goner. I think the plant still gets nutrition from the leaf and sheds it when it's ready but it's not a big deal if you want to make her pretty for the camera.
  4. Okay thank you. It isnt near where any pistils are if thats what you mean? Its on the top part of the leaves, and the discoloration is in the middle and edge of the one leaf the other one is just kinda withered. Its near the bottom of the plant/the old leaves. Ive already cut a few off.. :/

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  5. give her a few more days to get the nutes from it, and she will give it up easily when you pull on it... 
    (she will drop it when she is done feeding from it!)
    Yea, if the leaf was touching a bud (pistils, calyxes) I'd remove it. Older, bottom leaves die off naturally in late flower. If you're in the first half of flower then I'd top-dress with nutrients and wormcastings as you probably have a deficiency.
  7. I would if i could get them but okay thank you :) ill just cut the one off thats discoloring.. if i cut the other one off is their a way to make that leaf a clone? Without having rooting gel..

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  8. Just an update. As soon as i get money im gonna get fertilizer thats 15-30-15 for flowering they are about 2weeks into flowering with headfulls of preflowers. Also im gonna add a 75 watt (actual wattage) they have reddish light bulbs and bluish light bulbs i think im gonna try putting 2 of those in plus the flourescent light i already have to help with all around light. Does this sound yummy?? Lol

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  9. Oh also which color would be best

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  10. Figured it out (for the most part) thank you all you guys help noobies a lot and i appreciate it all :)

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  11. Espoma tomato-tone is only $6-$7 a bag and it works wonders in my garden. See if you can find a bag of composted cow manure, it's a little early in my area but it's cheap ($2-$3) if not wormcastings are sold year-round ... you can feed your plants just fine with about $10 and no need to check ph or flush residual salts. Personally, I would recommend avoiding chemical feeds, mainly because it can lead to problems if specific conditions are not met.

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