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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by unrated, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. I dropped my seeds in about 3 weeks ago. They are now 12 inches tall and have recieved 24/7 light. I was thinking of reducing light to 18/6 for 2 weeks then 16/8 for 2 weeks then 14/10 for 2 weeks and then 12/12 and staying with that. Is this a good idea?
  2. yeh, that sounds like a plan to me.
    will work fine! goodluck,
  3. Firstly why? Is there any particular reason you want to experiment with the light? If your growing under HPS and the plants are already 12" you probably just need to go to flowering. If not, then i would keep the lights on 18/6 until you want to force flower then change to 12/12
    good luck
  4. Yeah, either way will work. If you're growing Indica [with the fat leaves] you can do 13/11 for flowering--they flower just as quickly, and you get another hour of 'sun,' and a little more growth. Myself, I like to go 20/4 for the growth stage. 24/7 works, but I like to let the plants rest, and it saves a little electricity.

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