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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by potdaddy, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Back to my plant again it has 3, 5, and 7 fingered leaves is that a certain strain or is it normal? also on the curing part I have been told to hang the plant upside down when i pull it from the ground is that a myth or a good idea I saw what Woody replied to my first thread. this is my first plant. The buds have a strong smell to it kinda like crippy but its not hydro. also there are white crystals on the hairs and some of the leaves surrounding the buds. Im sure I'll have a lot more questions in the future so thanks to everyone that replies
  2. Sounds like a sucsessful grow
  3. Indica get 7 fat bladed leaves sativa get 9+ blades up to around 14 mabey more i had 11 blades on the biggest leaf of my plant. Uneven number i though it ws strange too. Its still there its just yellow now because its in flower and tehose fattening buds are sucking that sucker for all its got.

    hang in upside down in a room with some ventilation. you also have to trim al the 3 bladed and large single bladed leaves off.

    BTW Hydo sux it does not effect the potency of the bud in any way all ti does is allow for faster growth and more yeild hydro bud can actualy taste worse then outdoor, organic, soil buds wich are considered to be the most potent. and jsut checking but hydro is how you gro it no ta type of weed. Its like saying "yea my shznit is high grade HPS mottaha faakka."
  4. By default the plant starts out with 3 lanced leaves and then works its way up (usually in odd numbers), in my experience some seedlings make a pair of 3 lanced leaves then skip right to 5 and stay that way for some time while others make 3 lanced leaves for sometime, the seedling i have now skipped right from 3 to 5 it surprised me. Happy Growing!:D....I think I just said somthing smart lol
  5. then exactly what would i say my plant is (indica/sative) when it started with 5 and stayed that way, i happened to look at this thread earlier.. and from the start i was sure my plant was indica, but i went outside to check and sure enough every leaf was 5 blades.

    it's very bushy top to bottom, good leaf cover all around, budding spots up and down the braches, i believe last time i counted it was sporting about 37 half dollar size buds including the cola.. which i thought should have been much bigger, but no complaints.

    if you look at it from the top from 10 feet up (i can look down on it from my deck) it's circular however there are 4 large branches that stick out much like a + sign would from inside the circle.

    how would i classify it?
  6. Sounds like a sativa/indica mix more on the indica side but it has the sativa undergrowth trait a bit.

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