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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ashumz, May 6, 2004.

  1. sorry! I am still a bit confused and i havent recieved a reply from the support center. what im really wondering, like reallyreally wondering!, is for about how long my pipe will likely be on backorder (if it is on backorder at all, im not even sure?!) if it is, about how long will it take to get it? and could you give me a rough range?

    im in california, and teh rest of my order shipped a couple of days ago. any idea how long that alone will take? Maybe that'd give me a better idea, or some idea at all, of how long i can expect to wait before getting my pipe?

    thanks, sorry that i have a bajillion questions :p

  2. I'll send SJ a pm.

    He will get back to ya.
  3. mmk ill be waiting!

  4. im confused. i got my first part of the shipment, but the pipe hasnt come in. is there any way to find out approximately when it will be/has been shipped so i know about when to expect it? or is it impossible to tell? itd be nice to know when that shipped out, and about how long itd take. will i get an email or something? and its shipped from inside the us, right? so does it take a different amount of time to get to california from the time its shipped than if it were shipped from outside the us? sorry for the plethora of questions ;x oh and i also am confused on whether or not i will need to be home to sign for it. thanks!

    (ive tried support but somehow my question keeps confusing me. i just want as clear as possible of an answer lol)

    and the first part of the shipment was great by the way! :)

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