Another push in B.C. to legalize!

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  1. This is good news, and Canada seems to be taking all the necessary steps, starting with Ontario this year. In contrast, the U.S. will be a much more slower process (we have 50 states after all), but Colorado and Washington will have November votes to legalize it. The big question is this. Will the government try to take advantage of the plant or will it allow citizens the right do what they will with it. For example, in Washington they would allow you to have it, however, they would still outlaw the cultivation of it. Clearly, that is only so the people of Washington have to buy the over taxed good from a store. I find that truly bothersome. In comparison, Colorado is going for full on legalization like alcohol, so anyone over the age of 21 could cultivate, just like I can brew my own beer.

    I see Canada passing a full on legalization here soon, way before the U.S. government does (I am speaking from a federal level). The states would then be allowed to make their own laws on cannabis, and unfortunately I am sure some of those deep southern states would still outlaw it.

    For me, I do not smoke, my career would be in great jeopardy if I did. I just find it extremely silly that a government tries to tell someone what they can and cannot do with their OWN body (with their OWN property). The facts are there, they have been for years, the federal governments just have their heads too far up their asses to realize what is going on. They are out to get the money, that's all, they don't care about someone dying of cancer that needs cannabis to sooth their last dying moments, they just want the money.
  2. Yeah, I agree. To be honest, being able to cultivate cannabis for your own cultivation would be beyond helpful but I don't think that the medical community in Canada is pushing for that model to be legalized.
    Mostly, people are trying to get over the initial worry about children having access to "potentially harmful" drugs. And while I completely understand the concern (I'm 21, but I wouldn't want my 13 year old nephew trying it until he's an adult!), it would still be beneficial to many to completely legalize it.
    However, any legalization at this point is helpful, I think!
  3. it is finally going to be legal :hello::smoke:
    the government couldn't hide the truth for ever
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    I honestly believe that, for something so big to happen.. there must be something twice as big to make it noticeable.

    Something twice as big would have to be spread through media and the news.

    Therefore, If we want cannabis to be completely legalized here in BC.. We are going to have to do something extremely big so that the entire media and news wants a part of it..making it noticeable, completely worldwide.

    What should we do to speed up this nonsense? :)
  5. 4/20 is coming up, thats usually pretty big in bc... Something there? Thats all i got right now
  6. Yes, 4/20 would be the best time :) We need something extremely huge and noticeable to happen. Someone throw some ideas out!
  7. T-shirts; it's a start. Make t-shirts with the pot leaf and a + then have a medicinal fact sheet or something of the sorts on it. Then share markers all over the place with ever pot head and sign shirts. I think it'd catch the eyes of the news more than anything but it'd have to be HUGE...

  8. no... that wont do shit. Seriously, a t-shirt? Fuck that.

    I'm sick off all this bullshit trying to raise awareness. Fuck that. We need to fucking fight. This has gone on long enough, we can not let this continue.
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    I completely agree, but I think you the missed first thing I said which was "it's a start." I never meant that to fix it lmao, but at least if there's an event then t-shirts or anything that represents something positive is a bonus. Don't have to be a dick about it :( Just another brother trying to give any input...
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    Easy there, Malcom X... :p

    A t-shirt with medicinal facts is actually a very good idea, but something that would apply to the average person would work best. People know it helps cancer and AIDS patients so it would be pointless to have that on a shirt, we need something that can make the general public go "Oh shit, does it actually help cure/prevent that too? That could be useful for everyone."

    I think the best thing would be some sort of display that focuses on the medicinal benefits for the Average Joe right beside one that focuses on the societal and economic benefits of decriminalization/legalization. Having them side by side is likely to draw a crowd and if it's done near in an accessible spot - not smack dab in the middle of the stoners but somewhere where even someone who wasn't part of the "festivities" could notice it - the media would be more likely to take notice and cover it.

    ^ "Stop the Violence BC is a coalition of law enforcement officials, legal experts, public health officials and academic experts from the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, and the University of Northern BC. Coalition members have come together to engage all British Columbians in a discussion aimed at developing and implementing cannabisrelated policies that improve public health while reducing social harms, including violent crime and gang activity."
  11. Thanks, GavinGill. I like the idea of using "Average-Joe" facts and stuff, and placing it near the boarders and some in the middle of a festival or event would be great. With everyone wearing them it's hard for the media to ignore it! I think it'd be a bad idea to only put facts about HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc.. because it would only make it seem like marijuana is good for those, and only those. But it's not to say that they aren't important and shouldn't be known!

  12. lol, why'd you edit in being all sad?

    I wasn't trying to be a dick my man!
  13. If you're asking why I edited it, I did it because I'm a grammar nazi and I really like to correct my stuff lol. And no worries, I was only playing around mate:smoke:

  14. =)

    To be honest, after giving it some thought, I think if you got a shirt to go mainstream, that would be pretty freaking baller.

    Like, a pro cannabis shirt, with a bunch of facts and such on it.
  15. What we need is some smart politicians with some balls to do something.
  16. [quote name='"bcbudluv"']What we need is some smart politicians with some balls to do something.[/quote]

    Especially since the new NDP leader now wants to keep cannabis illegal.
  17. If there was an election tomorrow I would be torn between the Liberals and NDP. I would have no idea what to do. I always vote NDP but I'm not sure I trust this Mulcair fellow just yet..

  18. Ill be going with liberals, they've shown interest in legalizing weed, but honestly anybody but the conservatives will do me pleasure

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