Another Psycho shooting...

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  1. What the hell is wrong with people?

  2. Disgusting. Hopefully they find him, what goes around comes around.
  3. our society creates monsters like this
  4. Gun totin reps.... that's what's wrong
  5. Maybe they are being hired by the government so the people in congress can say "Owning guns is bad, lets make it illegal."

    Just a thought, but that would be pretty messed up if it were true. But other than that, people are just messed up. Who could do a thing like that? Shooting unarmed harmless firemen who already put their life on the line to protect others out of their own good will.

  6. I feel you.

    Last Friday on the 21st we had a bunch of cops walking around school and patrolling outside because we had some shooting threats. Like seriously what the fuck is up people?
  7. Miniman I constantly think about that. A false flag attack so Congress can take guns away.
  8. Gov only wants to ban automatic guns which no one needs. AR:s are just needed in war and if the public went to war ar's would be useless next to any unmanned gov weapon.I am for gin rights just logical rights. No one needs special rounds or guns for anything but hunting and self protection. And deer don't need to be loaded with least if your hunting for necessity which should be the only reason too

  9. No one needs autos? DO you mean semi or full auto?
  10. I agree that ARs are pretty much overkill in terms of self defense but banning weapons means you can't legally get them. Most criminals don't go through the legal hoops to get their guns so banning them won't really affect them. I don't know about you but I'd rather not have to defend myself with a handgun while some maniac is totin' an AK. Just my .02.
  11. I'm not sure if you've got a more reliable source but;
    'Officials said in a news conference that the shooter is dead.'

    Fucking sucks anyway, and they weren't even paid firefighters. Thoughts from England.
  12. Or maybe they want to arm every household in America and make people trigger happy paranoid people
  13. How many crimes have you seen commited with an AR series or M rifle? probably not very many because you can't walk in public with a giant weapon and not have people running in every direction calling the police.

    To put it simply criminals and organized crime organizations will still get guns in the same quantities they do right now. Who benefits the most from a disarmed public? think about that one.

  14. That was probably after they got more information, I got one of the first articles :rolleyes:
  15. If you don't know that a ar15 is a semi auto gun why do you voice an opinion? you sound just like the government pumping ignorance into its people. I have been thinking the same thing about the government to persuade its people to go anti gun. Sick thoughts but none the less it's a goal for them. So who really knows. All of this is discusting.
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    Full. At the same time what's wrong with just bad ass revolvers lol

    And I understand ppl will find a way but stronger gun laws will help. Plus if the gov really wanted us unarmed it would b done by now anyone thinking that we are on verge of takeover needs to either take a hit or lay off the weed.
  17. ^ you must have a special license to own an automatic firearm. In idaho it's lvl 3 i believe you can buy and work on full auto's and silenced weapons. No regular civilian could ever legally touch a full auto weapon unless it's illegal.
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    But they are still produced and on our streets I feel no safer with a soldier having one then I do a CEO. They should b kept elsewhere not within civilian or even military reach unless its strictly on base. No auto gun should be in public space there is no need for it besides to claim you have it.
    Wasn't the DC sniper ex military? Oswald?
    Thoes were bolt action guns too not auto's.
    Personally I don't think anything bigger than a handgun 22-45 should be legal and if you hunt you have to get a licence all ready just make it so fewer ppl have access to rifles.
  19. Not many people have full autos. U have to have special license for that. The current ban in process is to ban assault rifles and magazines over 30 rounds. They arent going to take anyones guns. That would lead to to many dead agents. If you already have a gun you'll be grandfathered in. You just will have a harder time getting parts and magazine, and ammo prices will probably go way up.

    I already got a good collection of weapons and ammo and reloads so im good

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