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  1. My set up is as follows: 600 watt hps bulbs, ballast has 3 controls, 250W, 400W, 600W. My babies are a little over 1 month old. I noticed that a few leaves near the base of the stem were turning yellow and that some of the leaves were curling up on the edges of the leaves so I raised the bulb the farest I could from the top of the plants and I turned the ballest to the lowest setting which us 250 watt. Did i make the right decision? Pics are attached and feedback is appreciated. I have about 20 plants total until I determine the sex then I'll cut it down to harvesting 4 plants. (Just incase you wonder why so many plants. Seeds came from bagseed.
    1470312261694.jpg 1470312270891.jpg 1470312277210.jpg 1470312283066.jpg 1470312288683.jpg
  2. Those starter leaves always die off. 2-3 foot distance between light and canopy is optional. Also switch your bulb to a mh which has a better light spectrum for veg. At this stage in growth the yellowing is most likely overwatering. Solo cups don't need water run off every feed. For as many plants as you have dim to 400w for a week or two and then full strength.
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  3. Thanks for the input BurbanIntrovert. I forgot to add in my detains that I am using a mh bulb now but going top switch to hps for flowering. I don't understand what u are explaining about the run off of Solo cups.
  4. @sgtchickens, as I said in my post, I have 20 plants until I know what the sex is then I'm going to harvest 4 of the strongest females.
  5. They look like they need to be transplanted. Check the roots if they are root bound

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  6. Thanks Sgtchickens. I think they need to be transplanted also. I was just trying to know which are females before transplanting actually. My next grow will be purchased female seeds. LOL.
  7. You won't be able to sex them for at least 3 or 4 weeks. Patience.

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  8. Your 4 plants would be bigger if they weren't crowded with 16 other plants under one light

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  9. mayb first few days but u should b lowering every day or 2(couple inches at a time) till u reach bout 20"

    in i wouldnt dim it down..i hav dimmable 1000hps n im only on 400 wen rooting(i do dwc) if u can control yur heat/humidity yur selling yurself short by keeping it on 400 for wks...once rooted which u r turn that bitch up
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