another Police story!

Discussion in 'General' started by weezyAkush, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. okay so i got another cop story that was a very close call! yesterday night, my friend and me were driving around after pickin up some bud...we pulled over underneath a bridge overpass so i could break up the shit and roll up a quick J. i had just finished breakin up the bud and took out the joint paper when we see a car come into the parking lot. we didnt think much of it at first cuz there were already a couple cars comin through the lot anyways, but then we look up and see the spotlight from the car switch on comin towards us. we panicked obviously, and dumped the weed back in the bag and stuffed the shit into a tight little crack underneathe the shifter in the truck... so we start heading out of the lot, but it was so foggy on the windshield that he couldnt see a ditch comin up... we skidded to a stop right before the ditch and turned off the truck. i hid the papers so there wouldnt be any suspicsion. so my friend gets out and goes right for the bed of the truck to look for some pliers to make it look like we are fixing the car... so the cop had already pulled up right after we turned off the car, and so he walks up and starts asking a whole bunch of questions (you know the usuall bullshit) and so we just played it off like we had some car problems... and the cop actually picked up a book that i was using to roll the joint on. and there was alot of bud still stuck to the book, i took real quick from him and just threw it in the truck. so the cop then sees my bag on the passenger floor and asks if there is anything in there that shouldnt be, so then i start to panic cuz i though i might have still had my glass piece in there, so he picks it up and just feels around the he realizes that there is nothing going on with us and just tells us he will let us go on our way... basically we were lucky as fuck that we didnt have that shit lit yet or else we wouldve been fucked from the stank of the bud. but after the cop left we just left that spot...rolled up a couple j's smoked them. bout an hour later we packed a couple grams into the bowl and hot boxed in the truck haha...:smoke: turned into a great night !
  2. Why you people gotta stop to roll up somethin when theres 2 of you in the car? I never stop I juss hand it to the dude who got shotgun..
  3. yes! why look suspicious as fuck, sitting there in some shady place while taking forever to roll some shit. just drive on as you would normally.
  4. Beginner joint roller?

    My girlfriend always needed me to stop to roll, but when she got better she started being able to do it while driving.
  5. it's not hard to do it unless you're constantly hitting bumps.. :confused:
  6. haha yeah man it had nothing to do with the car movin, its just my streets are filled with potholes, so when i tried the first time, we hit a few bumps and some of the bud fell into the cracks of the seat.. after that i said F**k it your pullin over

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