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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by anothersmoker, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Possession

    Looking into it's eyes of gold,
    Isn't the material world something to behold?
    The great catalyst in history,
    Many do so long for thee.
    Locked away in a bank,
    Indicative of social rank.

    Soon it begins to get old,
    Quickly bought, quickly sold.
    Preacher calls it idolatry,
    Bars the gates to eternity.
    Looking into it's eyes so blank,
    Forgot about those I ought to thank.

    Expensive cars flashy and bold,
    Can't fill the numinous mold.
    Thought yoiu had a bit of glee,
    Now its easy to see.
    IN the ground below and the sky above,
    Feelings of empathy, joy, and love.
  2. write on

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  3. This is just a poem I wrote about the joys of being high

    Fields of green burning in my head
    The haze sits nicely in the air.
    Four more hours till I go to bed.
    Come on over, I don't mind to share.
    The sounds are as awesome as the images I see
    And nature is everywhere.
    Spending my day sitting under a tree,
    Not having a worry or care.

    We'll put on some tunes and have a good time
    We'll be really happy all day.
    All our troubles are left behind
    And we'll just say what we say.

    And then come tomorrow we'll be kinda bummed
    That the one day past is gone.
    And then we'll do it all over again
    Laughing and having some fun.

    Tell me what you think.
  4. Hell Yeah!!

    that poem is like exactly my life!

    but it sux I'm on a break for like 3 weeks. oh well i guess that means the next time i get blaZed it will be that much more intense

  5. Really awsome poems, both of you.

    Skeevy, I'd just change this line... it's less appealing to me than the rest of the lines for some reason.

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