Another, "please can you check my plant" thread from a noob

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  1. Hey Peeps,

    Wish that I had found this site earlier in my growing career! :rolleyes:

    Anyway, planted 5 lowRyder 2 feminized seeds, long story short 4 went to the compost god in the sky, one hardy fellow managed to keep going.

    I haven't really done anything special, it is growing outside on the south facing balcony direct sun during the day, 5 weeks old. Water is given every few days, or if the top couple of cm are dry. Plant food given once a week.

    I stoke and smell it sometimes.....:D

    So is it looking ok? Is this what to expect, it had a little shock from being re potted, yellow on the tips of the top leaves and a couple of the bottom ones dropped off, but has seemed to recover.

    On a plus note the tomatoes and peppers are coming on really strong. :hello:

    But let's just focus on the green people!

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    Nice tomatoes!!! as for the plant I think you should have vegged it for some time before putting her out to flower, it looks kind of small for developing good buds...., plus it looks kind of stretched too and lacking branches and leaves..... what kind of nutrients and NPK ratios are you administering?? and how much? if the tomatoes are growing like that you sure do not lack good nice sun.... the problem must be in your nutrition..... let us know...

    forgot.... ph?? are you checking that or?

    just came to me now.... if it's 5 weeks old it's definately stunted from some problems before or.... how big is the pot,,, looks very small to me.... in week 2 max I think you should have transplanted it to a much bigger one.....
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Noobness coming up here, I thought that LR were auto flowering? Have no idea what I should have done to veg it? Fed it cabbages and cucumbers? ;) Sounds a little cannibalistic to me.

    Think it got shocked on the transplant from small top bigger pot, I damaged some of the roots when uprooting. Rushing you see, never good.

    Yer, no, now you see your just gonna make me look like a pure idddddiot here.. KGB ratios eh what? It gets a dash, no in fact to be more accurate, a splash of the shared general plant feed, grabbed off the shelf cos it was bright yellow, along with the other plants.

    N 6%
    Nitric N 3.2%
    Ammoniacal N 2.8%
    P2O5 5.0%
    K20 5.0%
    Fe 0.03%
    Mn 0.01%
    Cu 0.002%
    B 0.01%
    Mo 0.001%
    Zn 0.002%

    I do like big juicy red ones.

    Ummm well now you come to mention it....:eek:

  4. I don't think the size is an issue, kinda stretched. But I've done a lil research on low riders and I don't think they get very big there suppose to start flower as soon as they pop. The yellow bottle nutes are not recommended for mj. It could be worse tho I just harvested 8 6 foot plants to be made into hash because I Fd em up early on with synthetic nutes and the buds although covered in resin and trichs are very whispy so.... Bubble hash. Are you adding the nute to tap or distilled water. Tap already has minerals and needs to leech for 24 hrs. Ph should be no higher than 7 a cheap meter is 30$.

    Imo for your next grow look into a organic soil mix that you can basically just water no liquid nutes. The organics section here at gc is great.

    Whatever you do good luck bro...V
  5. Hey Man thanks for the info and wishes!

    The nutes are only added once a week, and 20ish ml into a gallon and spread amongst the balcony plants. Tap water was used.

    I'd read that the LRs were pretty easy to plant and let them do their thing, but this was always going to a hit and miss grow for me first time round, a learning curve. This forum so far is the best I've found for info and help.

    Next grow will be in a box indoors and will plan it better!
  6. So what is the best advice now?

    Start a feed routine every other day?

    Any tips to at least get something out of it gratefully received, and will help me learn.


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    I would only feed once a week. Look into going organics maybe for the next grow I'm gonna try it this time around. Preety simple.
  8. Thanks, I'll look at a better set up next time, will have to go indoors and in a grow tent, will start to look at different set ups!

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