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  1. recently noticed a couple green flys on a few of my indoor plants:/ Also id like to mention i had a thrips issue about 3-4 weeks ago, and thought i had it under control and behind us.. but now there little green flys (aphids?) im guessing and tiny black flying insect (gnat?) So far ive sprayed them down with Azamax, and plan on using Green Cleaner on the regular as of now any advice on how to control these and how to prevent would be much appreciated.

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  2. cant really see clearly from the photos but first pic looks like a fungus gnat, second pick looks like a leaf hopper.

    Fungus gnats are usually a sign of over watering, add a good 1-2" layer of dry mulch and put a fan to blow air oon the surface of the soil should prevent them from propagating in your soil.
    The leaf hopper is a pest that sucks on plant sap, those white marks on the leaves are damage from its feeding off the plant. I would take a scope and scout for egg batches.

    I would say start applying neem oil foliar every2-3 days for a couple of weeks to get rid of them or you can get a biological control like botanicare ES. Or you can go with beneficial insects that target this kind of pest.
    How to Get Rid of Leafhoppers | Planet Natural
  3. I use Dr Zymes. U can do a foilar and a soil drench. Organic citrus acids. Kills all eggs in the soil

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  4. Stick to just one bug killer I use neem oil as its systemtic and organic

    and unlike the other you have used ain't diluted with crap

    keep a cleaner grow place and check daily

    good luck

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