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  1. showing a view of how jesus, or for that matter most prophets in history, are stories from an astrological perspective.
    weird, makes sense, has some good evidence. worth a look imo. watch here. start at 1:55.
  2. It is true that the stories are astrological; as above, so below.

    The amazing thing is that Life always prevails, defying all logic. Only wisdom truly understands life.
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    The part about the egyptian god Horus is a fallacy, the part about him walking on water is untrue. The story of zietgiest uses small facts to personify fallacies, it is obvious that the religions borrow trates from each other. The greeks talked about the idea of sin being in all people way before the Judahism and christianity, and the egyptians before them.


    Dionysus was not crusified, he was struck with a thunderbolt, he stands for all that is man, being that he is the God of intoxication. God of Whine(*insert water to whine trick from jesus here*) which sounds alot like Jesus huh, also he was able to talk to the dead, which Jesus did many times. The birth of him is actually up to debate, there are two stories, one of him being born of a mortal woman and one of him being born to a God. You see how the video takes loose factoids and puts them across as truth. You can not cover the idea of ancient gods in a 3 minute segment, they are to complex, every religion is deeply complex like this. I would rather worship Dionysus than Jesus, he was more of a hero, and brought more being that he was the god of agriculture making life easy for the man. All jesus did was give away free food, Dionysus gave us the tools to let us do it ourselves, a true God to look up to.
  4. You have to understand that most stories werent written down but passed from person to person, so it makes sense that there are several stories that are very similar, honestly i think that christianity just worked cuz they basically said believe it or well make you, or well just kill you. And most of it was based on astrology.

    2012 isnt too far away, well see how accurate the myans were with astrology, and hopefully it wont be too correct
  5. cant believe this video is still going on... in this video there are some flaws, untrue facts. as the narrator is talking about the other gods and their attributes not all of the attributes are correct like when he says born of virgin, 12 followers, crucified and blah blah blah. No where does it say that horus whats born from a virgin, there are two stories of him either being in existence since the beginning of creation or Set killing Osiris and cutting his body into pieces and scattering it throughout egypt so they cant be found and when Isis finds out about this she goes out and looks for pieces of his body and she had found every piece excet his genitals and when she does find it its obviously not very functional so she makes one out of wood and then... yea there comes horus. horus was made so he could battle his tyrant brother set, dont go to wikipedia the wiki is a very unreliable source depending on what your are looking for. Dionysus he was freakin a party god and was not born of a virgin either, his mother was a mortal and father was Zeus. Dionysus was not the kings of kings or gods only begotten son hell Hercules idk if i spelled his name right was the son of Zeus too most of you guys should know who Hercules is, or was he crucified then resurrected or a teacher or a miracle performer... as for the other gods their attributes are incorrect as well. So basically what this video is saying that Jesus was just another sun god no big deal, wrong one thing thats disproves this is that Jesus was NOT i say NOT born on december 25, no where in the damn bible does it say this guy was born in the winter on dec 25 this is his damn birthday worship it and him on this day. i read somewhere that Jesus was born in the summer or spring or fall one of them, theres a few verses that give a hint or something i dont feel like looking it up but educate your self and look it up yourself. yes the sun was worshiped cuz it did bring warmth and make crops grow but so was the rain as well because it watered the crops and brought water to drink and other things but it doesnt say that does it... dont believe in everything you read or hear, take it as information doesnt matter if its true or not just have that knowledge and if your not lazy research it dont read one page and think you have the answers i mean research, look at books or other website links. for those of you that dont beleive me thats fine like i said look it up and dont beleive everything you see on TV either alot of the media is fabricated. knowledge is not a right like the right to free speech or religion it is a privilege. The guy that made this video obviosly had alot but at the same time little information. oh and the stuff about astrology is pretty true there is a such thing as ages and time crossing and blah and the other stuff about the banking and stuff is pretty much right and kinda scary too

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