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Another oz of netherhash!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by StonednScotland, May 19, 2010.

  1. just got this for £100

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  2. Looks fantastic! Is that some Afghani Black? Great price, that comes out to about $150 for the oz which is a little over $5 a g, great deal! Enjoy . . . :bongin:
  3. For 5 a g, i wouldnt buy schwag i would just stay buying hash lol.

    nice pickup
  4. it's imported dutch hash get's called pollen around here!
  5. Wow . . . how's the high? I imagine it doesn't take much to get baked, and lasts for hours! :smoke:
  6. yeah it's quite a heady stone though still able to get things done lol. lasts a good few hours thinking about cooking with a bit never done it before!
  7. you sir have a good deal on hash! IF you cook with any post pics im hungry and im not sure what i want. lol nice pickup!
  8. Most i have ever paid is £160 an oz for nepalese black.
    for weed £180 tops!
  9. Looks like some afghan squidgy black that was going around here, you got a great price too, enjoy that!

    .. nice stash! was just talkin about cooking with hash a little earlier...
  11. :(:(:( i am so jealous sir...around me in jersey...i have only ever seen hash once for sale...and it was 25 a g and not very good hash....i am very jealous looks amazing toke some of the for me sir :smoke:
  12. i prefer hash as good weed is quite hard to come by( why i'm attempting my first grow ) theres always a good supply of good quality hash.
  13. ooooh that looks fucking so tasty..... jealous
  14. Damn that's funny. There is plent of good buds around here and hash very seldom. But I think I'd prefer it that way. I love hash but I don't really like splifs that much because I don't really enjoy tobacco and it seemed when I was over there we smoked splifs all the time. Yall smoke lost of splifs?

    Great pick-up tho. Mmmm... Hash.
  15. yea mainly smoke joints about 10/15 a day between me and the wife:smoke:
  16. That looks so beautiful i think im going to cry :p


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