Another one of those threads.... Girl problems/rant/ help me?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Buzzlightyear, May 10, 2010.

  1. Alright so lately I have seemed to be coming here more and more often for advice so I figured one more time wouldnt hurt.

    To kind of sum things up I am thinking about dating a girl who lives a couple hours away but am unsure as to what I should do.

    I guess I will give a bit of background about last night, she was home and went out with friends for a birthday thing. She was doing her usual drunk texting and stuff but at like 4am she texts me that she is at a random dudes house, and then I guess she lost her phone.

    So I text her asking if everything is alright or what not since i knew she was drunk and got no answer. I was legitimately worried about what was going on and couldnt sleep very well.

    I guess what I am trying to get at is that because of that situation I do not know what to do, I mean like I was honestly really worried more than if we were just friends but we arent even dating. I guess it means that my feelings for her are stronger than I thought they were at first.

    I do not know if I should tell her how worried i was for her or if I shouldnt since it could come across the wrong way and mess things up between us. But on the other hand in the past I have had problems saying how I really felt and ended up getting hurt.

    thanks for taking the time to read this/ offer help and opinions
  2. dude, lighten up. also possible that she passed out. Happens to me with that random middle of the night shit. If ya askin me, distance is not worth dealin with. One of my girls might be takin a job outta state shortly, and I know for damn sure I wont be dealin wit that. If it wasnt for that I'd prob give it a legit shot, but as for now, fuck that. Find another fish man, they come in all sorts of shapes sizes and personalities.
  3. well you should say something in the least. something to the effect that you just think she should be careful with some of the guys she gets drunk with, especially if she doesnt know them and that because she wasnt answering your texts that you just got a little on edge about it and you just didnt want to find out something really had happened.

    just be straight forward and blunt saying that last night had kinda put it into a better view as to how you see the friendship you guys have. say you realized that you care more for her than just a friend would and that you want the best for her.

    go from there. honesty is the best. dont try to hide it. chances are it wont screw things up between you. i have found that the very few times that that particular outcome has happened, it never is weird with that person unless you make it that way. like if she says well i dont really think of you the same way, then just be like ok well just so you know im always there for you and ill still always care for you even as a friend.

    then at that point just be her friend. dont act any different than you did before now. nothing changes and then nothing is weird.
  4. I know that she didnt pass out since she told me she lost her phone at the dudes house, I am also pretty sure that nothing happened. I think that it was some dude from the bar but her friend was there too.

    Im thinking im gonna tell her I mean like we already talk like we are in a relationship and stuff like that. I know she has feelings for me or I am pretty sure that she does. I just dont know what to do or how I go about saying something since obviously do care more about her than I thought. best way to go about this?

    Also I know how hard it is/ how much distance sucks so please dont point that out every post.
  5. Honesty is key, if you want to have a legit relationship with her i suggest you man up and tell her what your feeling. There's two things that can come from it, either she will kick you to the curb or take you in. Personally, I would go with the second of the two. That way you're being straight up and laying it all out on the line. Then it's just all up to her. If she truly wants to be with you, she'll probably be happy and you'll end up gettin some:hello:
    If she doesn't, then oh well. I bet you would rather a straight up answer than some chick leaving you behind not knowing what happened
  6. fuck this shit stressed me out lol, at least the job I did at work today involved smashing a conrete pool lol. Seems like she may go back to her shitty fucking ex who she doesnt want anything to do with, which is fucking wonderful.

    Guess I really have nothing to loose now, hate how shit like that always fucking happens to me
  7. sounds like you need to get on your knees and beg her to not go back to him and to see the light thats right in front of her, which is you, and know that you are the better choice. tell her if it didnt work the first time then why does she think it will work this time around. change is bull shit and no guy changes like that for any girl. espescially a guy like him.

    i dont know the kind of guy he is, but you do and so you can safely say that im sure.
  8. sooo I asked her if she was getting back together with her ex and she said no that it was too fucked up of a relationship and there was too much to deal with before she would even think about that. So I guess I feel a bit better, just trying to figure out how to tell her how I feel.

    Probably gonna take the weekend to think about whether or not this is really something I can handle on top of moving to a new city where I dont know anyone, finding an apartment, starting a new job etc.

    you guys can feel free to call me a pussy for not telling her how I feel if you want since I know it will happen anyways lol

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