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  1. Let me start off by saying. We've known each other about a year now. Hung out about 4 times. Been cool but kinda awkward each time. I randomly asked her to marry me on fb the other day and she said yeah but like...we barely talk....once a week or so through text and it's just small talk. Here's the longest text we've had and it just happened. I feel like she's out of my league this girl has her own place a Job a car and graduated college. I'm just some 20 year unemployed dude with a cool car and good sense of humor lol. Here's our last few texts...mine were the longer ones. Usually I dun text girls That much but im fucked up so why not right?
    The last text was just like next we talk YOU text me first Kay? :)

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  2. My input is that i think she digs you, but to be completely honest, in your texts you are coming off as a little desperate. Just lay back a little bit and instead of texting about all the fun shit you wanna do, go meet up with her and actually do it.

    Also you kinda confused me in the 5th page of text where you like explained how she could definately make it work with some other dude. That sends the message that your not interested, but almost that you want to be friends because you want her to be happy. i would go meet up with her, start flirting and just play it by ear. No more texting though, she sounds like she sincerely does want to hang out with you, so go and have a good time.

    oh and btw glad to have you back in the city!!!

  3. Thanks for the advice dude. Yeah I did kinda mess up there but I feel like if I woulda said "ay fuck that guy date me instead it woulda been awkward' I'm nit gonna text her for a few days and see if she texts me first. If not then FACEBOOK DIVORCE and imma marry her friend mwahahaha
  4. It sounds like she's into another guy.
  5. YOU NEED TO CHILL IN PERSON, thats just not healthy to txt that much and not hang out.
  6. Talk about being sloppy....
  7. MAaannnn I got hella game trust me. This girl is just outta my league, but it's not like she's not texting me back or saying no. And we do chill in person just not too often. Just saw her like last week. I'm just debating whether to randomly break up with her on fb and never talk to her again or just hang out with her a few more times and then be like hey erika, I kinda like you is that gonna be a problem?
  8. Don't think she is "outta your league". Consider yourself out of her league.

    Also don't tell her how you feel, you want her to not know, so you'll be mysterious.

    Here is a gameplan. Use it or don't.

    Text her in a few days saying that you have been really busy and tell her your going to "insert event/place and time here" and that she should join you. If she texts you before you text her, don't respond, you have other things going on.

    You say you have hella game, meet up with her and use it.

  9. Sloppier than

    I can at least type a coherent sentence when I'm wasted. :laughing:

    In all seriousness though, I honestly don't think she likes you. The conversation on your part was extremely beta(aka. a great way to put yourself in the friend zone, if you're not already there).
  10. I just looked at her fb..

    I think you can do better, homie. :smoke:
  11. Link me up, I wanna masturbate:p

  12. sorry but i find that extremely hard to believe the way you're texting that girl.. out of your league or not lol

  13. lol for real? damn. i thought she was a cutie...i keep forgetting youre on my fb haha ight well then onto the next one
  14. Yeah she likes you, and she might think your slobby texting is cute... Or she could think you are gonna turn into a stalker.

  15. nah man that was a good move, it shows ur thinkin about her feelings over ur own, it was a good strategy on ur part. As for now on though, just be yourself and try not to come off as a bit desperate. LOL dont fb divorce just meet up get drunk and let the magic happen ;)

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