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another OFFF joke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. An unnamed OFFFer got nabbed by the police and was sentenced to a couple months in county lock-up. Walking into his cell he met the biggest baddest meanest person that had ever been caught alive by the local sheriff. And he had a grin on his face as he saw his new roomie walking in.

    The convict spoke first and said "Well good morning roomie, nice to meet you!"

    The OFFEr still being nervous mumbled a brief hello as he eyed the big bad mean bastard.

    The convict said "We play a little game here in lock-up called 'House'. Do you want to play?"

    The OFFFer said "Sure I play House."

    "Well do you want to be the Mommy or the Daddy?" asked the Convict.

    "If I have a choice and I have to play, I'll be the Daddy" said the OFFFer with some relief.

    "Well, then get over here and suck Mommy's dick then!!" growled the Convict.
  2. An unnamed OFFFer, huh? Could his name rhyme with Mud Bed?

  3. I'm sorry I know it was naughty but I read it somewhere else and thought it was funny. Just had to change it to make it fit.

  4. Holly shit I can't believe you said that.........I would never play house with a convict...........only females w/out dicks!!!!!!!

    LMAO thats funny as hell BPP
  5. that is just not right
  6. I never met a girl with a dick :\
  7. I think i did once

  8. Sorry, Bud Head! I had no control! It was the evil RMJL that typed that. You know that I would never ever ever say such a thing!!! Please, oh please, forgive the EVIL RMJL!!!!!
  9. LMAO Covering up for the evil RMJL again! You need to kick her ass! LMAO
  10. Leave it to BPP to stir the shit!
  11. I have a story about shemales...
    I was driving to work high, very high, i looked in my rearview mirror and saw somone behind me. i immediatly decided that they were a transvestite, no question about it. i have no idea how i cam to that conclusion, but i did. so then i decided there must be shitloads of them around if i can just see on driving behind me, and since i work in a restaurant, i was gonna look to see if i could find any. i was still high and i think i saw 2 in the same night, but im not sure. i have no idea why i thought any of them were except they had ugly faces, but they could have been just ugly girls and not men, but i think they were men.
  12. Bump for a good laugh :D

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