Another of digit's "you wont be interested" threads!

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! laffin outta complete disbelief...

    ok, its official.... Emode's tests are bullshit! lol

    there is no way in the entirely of all the stars, all the galaxies, all the galactic streams, all the universes, all the dimensions, that i can score this on the "what kind of sexy are you".....

    this is what was said that i find so hard to swallow....

    "Digit*, you're Hot 'n' Sexy

    When you enter a room, all eyes gravitate toward you. Like a moth to a flame, people can't help but notice you. Maybe it's how you casually move through a crowd or that glow you give off when you flash that smile. You're hot and it shows. Could it be the haircut that says it all about you, the jeans that fit just right, or the casual way you saunter across a room looking confident from all angles? "

    *changed for security ;)

    i've been told i'm sexy, cute etc before, but them gurls were just being nice... its bull, i refuse to admit that an ugly mug like mine could be considered sexy. i really, really dont have it going on.

    quick critter... gimme a complete and utter disbelief smilie... STAT! lol[​IMG]
  2. LMAO!!! Digit, you sound like one smooth operator!! Borderline pimp of the city!!! :)
  3. Pimp Daddy Dij' aka "Whitey Shaft"

    So you must be mackin' all tha fly chikas up on Ork'town


    Yeah i don't take too much faith in those tests. I've seen people who can't count past 10 without taking their shoes off score better than 125 on emode's IQ test.


  4. ha!
    and i thought the result was funny!


    "Pimp Daddy Dij' aka "Whitey Shaft""

  5. LOL i dont mind your hair, but its funny it said that cos of all the families comments about getting it cut LOL
  6. it'll never happen. long haired hippy til i loose it... then i'm getting the skinny ;p if a chick doesnt dig the hair then i dont dig her.

    ps, thnx for the disbelief smilie crit

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