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Another noob lighting question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Soloflyer, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. First of all thanks!! I signed up here a few years ago and you guys helped me start my first hydro setup!!

    I've had an average setup getting average results and I'd like to maximize my yield due to moving my setup into smaller space. I enjoy building so I am starting a stealth grow room project with a smaller area than I've been working with.

    I am going to convert an old dresser(or 2) into a mini grow room(s). My first dresser will be approx 42" T x 30" W and 18" Deep. These dressers will be in a 8' x 10' walk in closet. I want to use a HPS light with a hydro setup. And due to the small space I'm going to try LST for better yield. I'd like to have 2 plants growing at a time(per dresser).

    What size HPS lighting would be safe for this setup?
    With my setup is 600W too much? way more than I need?

    I see people using red LED lights in addition to their HPS, what is the benefit?
    Can I use HPS for both Veg and Flower?

  2. I'll try, but others know more.

    1. whatever size you can keep cool. I would think you would only need a couple hundred watts.

    2. Not if you can keep it cool, probably overkill but i dunno.

    3. more flower power, just like any supplemental light.

    4. yes
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    The Rule of thumb for lighting is 25-50 watts per square foot so a 600 watter should do your 8 x 10 closet just fine..also the amount of light required depends on the amount of plants you want grown i would so no more than 15 plants under that 600 watter if you want to maximize the yield of each of you plants

    The Red spectrum which is in the 2,100k-2,700k range Not only stimulates Bud development and growth but it also effects the density by making your buds more compact...since most HPS lights are within the 2,100 - 2,700 kelvin range i dont see the need in adding RED spectrum L.E.D's

    Now if anything i have see people use Blue L.E.D's to supplement the lack of blue spectrum in their HPS bulb's. most company's like Hortilux and Sunmaster incorporate a blue and violate spectrum to go along with the RED so the plants get whats called FULL spectrum lighting

    Either way growing with just a HPS should flower you some lovely ladies i dont use L.E.D's to supplement my grows and i get Amazing results

    Now there is alot of controversy on just using a HPS for Vegg and vlower...people will CRY use a MH for vegging and a HPS for flowering..well i experimented with just using a HPS with my current grow and i am astonished with my results

    I thought since i used a HPS to vegg that they wouldn't be bushy..and they are i am getting 1 inch per node which is perfect....

    you can use a MH to vegg but personally they run hotter and put out less lumen's than an a HPS at the same wattage

    take for instance my 400 watt Solarmax MH 32,000 lumens my 400 HPS 55,000 Lumens

    Hope i helped you out man

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