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  1. High everyone...I know some of the people here already...they actually let me know about this place. They were right about this being a cool site and all! [​IMG]
    To let you know some about myself...I'm a 39 y/o woman that is married, with one child. My son means the world to me, he impresses and amazes me just about everyday! [​IMG] Let's seeI guess I'm kind of earthy, nutty, nuturing, and intense...depending on my mood....... [​IMG] ..I promise I never bite, unless you ask me too! Oh wow...I better shut up.
    I live in a kind of mid-size town, in Massachusetts. There seems to be alot of secrets kept's kind of weird that way. [​IMG] I grew up in NJ, so at first I loved it here...but, now I want to move again.
    I work/volunteer as an advocate and activist for DMH in my state, and am starting a program with a friend of mine, designed to help people recover from mental illnesses. Anyway, I like politics, philosophy, art, music, science, and life...(hehe...well most of the time). I love being with my son [​IMG] , my friends, and my friends from YaHooka! [​IMG]

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  2. Hi justme,Welcome to the Coffeeshop. :D
  3. Thanks critter and Stash!

    I like it's mellow and intelligent...I love that about stoners, most of us are that way... [​IMG]
  4. wellcome. see, yahooka has one forum for mellow stoners. coffeeshop has a whole board!
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