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  1. Hi.. So basically this is my first attempt at growing at all, me and my girlfriend acquired some lighting from her late uncle and I some bag seeds from a friend

    Germination I went for the basic wet tissue dark place.
    Once germinated I moved it to one of the clear takeaway pots you get from the Chinese

    Once I'd started doing research I soon realised the takeaway pot was less then suitable for my intention! So I moved to a rather large pot

    Nutes: nitrozyme ans filtered water, yet to buy a ph tester kit but the plant looks healthy from a newb presumption :L

    I've also started growing a auto ak and two auto white dwarfs
    One dwarf and the ak are growing either side of Frank, I've found what I think are pistils?? Can someone confirm
    And how should I go about spreading the plant out?

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